Sero | New Video Q&A App Receives a Warm Welcome from Celebrity Influencers, Industry’s Leading Icons, and End Users

May 12, 2017 – Sero, the upcoming video knowledgebase application aims to bridge the gap between celebrity influencers and aspiring individuals who wish to follow in their tracks to achieve success in life. Although still in its infancy, the Korean application is expected to introduce remarkable features, perks and incentives that will help both fans and celebrities to connect with one another on various leading topics.

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Followed by the breakthrough launch of the official Sero website, the developers and CEO: Michael Hwang made announcements concerning future plans for the application’s imminent success. These plans will help to redefine user experience for the entire smartphone community. The app’s marketing team has already booked agreements with different influencers from media, sports, business and other industries. These will be engaging in answering end user questions once Sero is globally accessible to users outside of its Asian demographics.

Sero is also becoming increasingly popular among celebrities who are looking for mentorship opportunities. For example, Y.P Lee, former Vancouver Whitecaps Team soccer star, has become a go-to source for anyone who wishes to learn about overcoming setbacks in life. In response to his experience at Sero, YoungPyo Lee reportedly said, “I am looking forward to help and guide youths and upcoming athletes. Ask me anything on soccer, or how to deal with failures in life.”

Although the decision of accepting the payment depends on the sole discretion of the influencer answering the questions, Y.P Lee has instead opted to donate his Sero income to charities dedicated to noble cause. The initiative has inspired various other notable names who wish to take Sero as a unique opportunity to not only reach out to people from different parts of the world, but also partake in making a difference in their lives.

For new users, the typical Sero experience involves selecting a celebrity profile and then posting a question through a recorded video from the convenience of their smartphone. The person who wishes to ask a question also has to set a bounty amount and make a security payment against it. Meanwhile, the celebrity or the influencer answers the question through a recorded video to the concerned user.

Sero developers felt that as opposed to text based or voice recorded answers, videos have increased potential to reach out to people. Videos have a sense of appeal that normally entice fellow app users to pay as low as $1 upfront and get by with being able to listen to highest rated answers from popular industry sources.

Based on Sero’s increasing repute, a lot of K-Wave celebrities, Hollywood artists and self-made entrepreneurs are continuing to join hands with the app founders. Michael and his team expect the company’s operation to expand by tenfold in near future. Since the market is not equipped with similar apps that offer direct Business to Customer approach, Sero has the potential to become the number one reliable resource for anyone who is looking to connect with their favorite idols instantly. A small proceed from Sero revenue will continue to be donated to charities for children and the less needy.

Hwang recently commended the effort that went into creating the application and aims to spread its reach across the entire world wide web community. “Aim of our application is to enable fans, stars, aspiring youth and mentors in connecting with each other. This will help encourage an environment that will harness growth opportunities for our users,” Michael Hwang further stated, “I believe by connecting people, Sero will make the world a better place eventually.”

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