New And Innovative Free Email Service Launches To Fight Spam

Amsterdam, Netherlands – 10 Minute Mailbox is delighted to announce the launch of their first product, a free and temporary email service designed to help protect against spam. The new service provides users with unlimited email addresses, with the twist that any emails received will be deleted ten minutes after they arrive.

The concept behind a 10 Minute Mail service is to protect a user’s primary email address, from either being spammed or sold to other spammers. Anyone can use this service to quickly and easily create an email address, and then use that address to sign up for a promotion or other online verification process.

“My personal and business email addresses are critical to me, and I was fed up and frustrated with them being bombarded with spam and other junk email from companies I had no interest in,” said Joshua Simmons of 10 Minute Mailbox. “I did some market research and found that I was not alone in my frustrations, and so I came up with the idea of 10 Minute Mailbox. There is absolutely no limit to the number of email addresses anyone can have, and all emails are automatically deleted 10 minutes after they arrive in the inbox. We have already received number compliments on the system and are looking at ways of making things even better.”

10 Minute Mailbox is an online email provider based in the Netherlands. They offer throwaway email solutions as a tool to protect your primary email systems from spam and other online problems. If you are looking for a system to fight spam email, then visit their website at and sign up for a new style of email system today.

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