Lilly Iwuchukwu Releases New Book

Lilly Iwuchukwu releases her thesis titled, Evaluation of Commercially Available Flame Retardants for Production of Carbon Fabrics.

This book compared the use of flame retardant chemicals known as pyroset TPO and TKC in the production of carbon fabrics from cotton precursors. Information about the chemical was collected from the American Cyanamid Company, textile and chemical division. Data was also furnished by the test fabric incorporated for the two fabrics it manufactured—mercerize 100 percent cotton sheeting, style #409 and unmercerized 100 percent cotton sheeting, style #409.

The percentage of carbon remaining from each sample in all the categories was obtained through carbon analysis conducted by Galbraith Laboratories Incorporated. Percent char data were calculated from data obtained before and after pyrolysis. The results are presented and discussed with the aid of a 2(5) factorial design pattern used for the overall design of the experiment.

Lilly emphasizes on the importance of saving the lives of infants and children, even our geriatric parents that may be trapped in a burning home, they are at much higher risks statistically for rescuing to safety. There will be more safety resulting in having flame retardant nightwear, flame retardant home furnishings and much more as time goes on. With education, the use of common sense, logic, and sensible ideology, to factor all in, the creating of safety living all around. It should be a right for a person to live freely without the anxiety of been burnt and our responsibility—a value that we all should be well invested in. Research funding in the textile industry, schools and for our educators has been seriously cut or nonexistent.

Humanity is still struggling for a safe technology that will be utilizing materials for public safety. Public trust must be secured by specifying performance of treated fabrics to be safe from fire and the safety of the consumer, types of flames retardant to be non toxic, and our official products to always protect and enhance our democratic ideals of freedom while living in the western hemisphere. The world is in need of safe discovery for flame retardants, flame retardant material to be used in the production of active wears, and home furnishings. With which comes an established standard of assessments, methods of accounting for malpractice, fundings and standard measurements to the research of the future.

More and continued research is required for the textile industry. Research and more should be ongoing. Research and funding is desperately needed. This is to empower readers, educators and students to bring great and creative ideas and ideals to textile research back and be fully funded and engaged; to encourage companies to give funding to create a perpetual workforce for the future, bringing about some economic stability in consumers various homes, safety, and security without end. This will surely enhance our democratic ideals of freedom living.

There is an unending possibilities in this arena; and it lays in the people’s hand, Lilly believes, that “having great conviction that teamwork yield greater results. If people after reading this book, and work with its vision, there will be greater opportunities, greater work dynamics, great pool of professional, for education, endless funding, and mega work opportunities. This will be great love for humanity.” A world with less war and hate, a world with less hunger and death. She does simplify her research for the readers to understand both ends and be as hands on as possible.

Lilly Iwuchukwu

Evaluation Of Commercially Available Flame Retardants For Production of Carbon Fabrics

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About The Author

Lilly Iwuchukwu lives in Arlington Texas. She is a wife and a mother of five grown children and has been married for 36 years. Evaluation Of Commercially Available Flame Retardants For Production of Carbon Fabrics is the her thesis for her degree of Master of Science in the Graduate School of the Texas Woman’s University. She received her BSC in Business Management, Boston State College and MSC in Textile Technology, Texas Woman’s University, Denton Texas.

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