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May 12, 2017 – Renowned author L. Marie Williams has announced that she will be releasing her new book titled ‘Under the Rug’. The book is a memoir chronicling the unforgettable childhood and adolescence of the author herself. The book is inspiring and the author has painfully illustrated her unconventional upbringing and an unusual childhood. The heartbreaking story is full of neglect, abuse and loss. However, the author has inspired the world by growing up to be a living example of success and hustle.

“I was physically and sexually abused at a young age.” Said L. Marie Williams while recalling her early age. “I was passed through my family and the foster care system and I was neglected, ignored and lost.” She added. A turning point in her life came when she met Tony and despite their age difference, he showed her an unconditional love and loyalty that she had never experienced before. When he ended up in prison, Marie found herself homeless and a victim of the Juvenile Justice System.

According to L. Marie Williams, the book will be available for purchase from Wednesday May 24th, 2017. However, it is already available for pre-orders online at the website of the author in both hardcover and paperback editions. Moreover, the passionate writer who is also a business executive is welcoming everyone to read this account of her early life and get inspiration.This is a story of the trials she experienced, her journey of survival and the lasting effects it has had on her in her life. Marie, who is now a successful executive, has inspired a lot of people around her and she wanted to share her story with the world, this inspired her to write this book.

To find out more about Marie, please visit:  www.lmariewilliams.com

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