University Dental Group is Now the Top Place to Go for Family-Friendly Dental Care at Coral Gables

Coral Gables, FL – A dentist’s role goes beyond merely offering medical treatment and includes a friendly, consultative and modern approach. University Dental Group at Coral Gables offers top notch dental care that is woven around precisely this principle.

The secret to health and confidence could very well lie behind a clean row of well aligned, bright teeth. UDG Family dentistry in Coral Gables can offer all of this and more through the trained hands of Dr. Richard Morales, who founded University Dental Group to offer complete dental care in a warm and friendly ambience. Whether it is surgical implants, or dental crowns, the clinic is equipped with the latest technologies to bring more smiles to every visitor.

University Dental Group offers some of the most advanced dental care services, and these include dental bridges at Coral Gables, preventive dentistry at Coral Gables, periodontal health at Coral Gables, and restorative and cosmetic dental care, clear braces and TMJ therapy at Coral Gables. The clinic is equipped with intra-oral cameras, digital X-ray machine and ultrasonic scalers that are a must today for better detecting and restoring damage.

The Coral Gables office was founded with the aim to take every dental concern seriously, and make a contribution to the overall health of residents. “We understand that you have a busy life, and need your dentist to be as efficient as possible while serving you,” says Dr. Richard Morales, who graduated from University of Florida in Gainesville with a Doctorate in Dental Medicine, and has been in practice for nearly 20 years.

At University Dental Group, every visit is attended to by a team of trained doctors. With modern training, techniques and a gentle approach, the experience is pleasant, relaxing and leads to an enriched health and renewed confidence.  

“We want our patients to feel as though they are being treated by someone who is part of their family, and strive to establish long-term relationships,” says Dr. Richard Morales.

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