Healing Through Domestic Violence: A Transformational Book launches Kickstarter Campaign

Martha Aroha Paewhenua Records her Decade of Healing Through Domestic Violence into a Published Book

Martha Aroha Paewhenua, and a brave survivor of Domestic Violence from New Zealand has announced that she is seeking public support to share her tragic story in form of a book with the world. It is an inspiring story of how she transformed her tragedy into self-discovery and used it as a tool for healing. In order to get her voice heard worldwide through this book, Martha is seeking support on Kickstarter is welcoming everyone to support her crowdfunding campaign for the book.

“I was beaten to the point where the baby I was pregnant with died, I had to drive myself to hospital to have my baby surgically removed and live with the trauma of the after effects of an abusive relationship, and also the loss of my unborn baby girl.” Said Martha Aroha Paewhenua, the author of this transformation story. “As I write these very words I can still feel that day, as it was yesterday. The words still slightly hold pain, and at that time of my life I wanted to die.” She added.

This book will share the story of her Transformation, Self-Discovery and Healing through the tools and techniques that she crafted over the 10 years of her healing journey; through Heart, Mind, Body and Soul.

The Kickstarter campaign is located on the web at:

https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/marthaarohapaewhenua/healing-through-domestic-violence and it offers pledges from NZ $1 to NZ $2,000 with rewards as high as 20 books, a personally signed copy, free access to eBook and a letter of gratitude from Martha.

About Martha Aroha Paewhenua    

Martha Aroha Paewhenua is an inspiring woman from New Zealand who transformed her life after going through the worst form of domestic violence and abuse. She wants to share her story with the rest of the world in form of a book and she is currently seeking public support on Kickstarter to get the book published.

Media Contact
Company Name: Martha Aroha Paewhenua
Contact Person: Martha Paewhenua
Email: marthaarohapaewhenua@gmail.com
Phone: 022 382 7423
Country: New Zealand
Website: www.kickstarter.com/projects/marthaarohapaewhenua/healing-through-domestic-violence