LOS ANGELES, CA – 15 May, 2017 – Actor, Max Liebetrau, has joined the cast of the upcoming feature film, The 21st Century. The film is currently in preproduction and is set to begin shooting this upcoming summer. Max Liebetrau is a 17 year old actor and is recently gaining recognition for his acting appeal. He has recently worked with professionals within Paramount Studios and has been credited with roles in various films and television series such asBuck Run, Ghostbusters, and Miles Handy. Max Liebetrau is gradually rising within the film industry and is expected to appear in numerous films coming within the following years. The announcement marks another step in the film’s continued commitment to build a broad portfolio of well respected actors with global appeal.

The film will be shot in various locations and is expected to hit the big screens by the end of 2018. The film is being produced by Executive Producer and award winning Director, Daniel Fordham. Daniel Fordham has made his official mark in the film industry and has produced a number of successful films and television series. Daniel Fordham is well known and a highly respected film producer. Daniel Fordham has worked alongside many of the greatest in the industry and has worked with many prestigious companies such as Warner Brothers Pictures.

The complete cast list has not yet been released, but many well respected actors are said to be taking roles. Final casting for crew positions and extra roles are still being selected. The film is expected to be highly recognized and will premiere in theater within the coming years.

More information regarding the upcoming film, The 21st Century, is to be released soon. The film is currently silenced to the public until the film begins official production, however, information regarding full cast, crew, production executives, assistants, and film information will be released within the following months.

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