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No couple enters into marriage with the expectation that it will end after a certain number of years. When the spouses and their dreams for the future change, there is a good possibility that at least one spouse will make the decision to bring their union to an end. Like marriages, divorces do not always end on the same note that they began with. When only one spouse wants the divorce and the other is determined to fight it tooth and nail, the ensuing legal battle can be hard on everyone involved.

When an attorney agrees to be the aggressor in a divorce case, the end result is a loss of the finances the couple has available only to end up with the same results they would have gotten without a hostile legal battle. Although some situations call for aggressive litigation strategies, there are some factors that cannot be changed because they are law.

Divorce laws vary from state-to-state, dictating the way in which a divorce must be filed and pursued from start to finish. In Pennsylvania, one spouse must file for the divorce (Plaintiff) against the other (Defendant) and the divorce complaint will be served on the defendant.

If either party makes the request in a mutual consent divorce, the court will require up to three counseling sessions during the 90-day period after the divorce proceedings have begun. Divorce may also be granted on a number of at-fault or no-fault grounds in Pennsylvania. In spite of the grounds for the divorce, the state requires equitable distribution meaning that the property is divided between the parties equally.

The attorneys at Eidelman & Associates are experienced with Pennsylvania laws and they offer experienced litigation and mediation to meet the needs of each client. They focus on giving each client the results that are right for them and their loved ones.

Anyone requiring legal representation for their divorce and its many related issues that includes only the degree of aggression needed for a fair and legal resolution should contact Eidelman & Associates to schedule an initial consultation. They offer a dynamic approach to straightforward and more complex cases to take the emotion and contention out of divorce and let spouses move ahead to the rest of their lives.

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Eidelman & Associates is a law firm in Allentown, Pennsylvania that is committed to handling matters related to divorce. Founder, Mary J.B. Eidelman, has more than thirty years of experience in providing excellent litigation and mediation services for straightforward and complex divorces. The feature that sets Eidelman & Associates apart as a divorce and child support attorney in Allentown, PA, is their compassion towards their clients and the children who must live with the outcome of the divorce for the rest of their lives.

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