New High-visibility Safety Vest Aims to Keep Sporting Activities Fun and Safe

Graz, Austria – When the sun goes down, the need for security goes up, and that means a reflective vest or jacket is as important as that fluid intake. For avid bikers, joggers, runners and sports enthusiasts, Beautiful Achievements has brought out an exclusive and high visibility reflector vest which is now available on Amazon.

Being safe on dark roads is as simple as being seen with high visibility clothing or a visibility vest. The new 3M reflective vest by Beautiful Achievements is all about extending sporting activities and ensuring the goals are achieved with no let down on fun and relaxation on the journey. The luminous jacket is made with 3M Scotchlite material that offers long distance visibility in traffic, and keeps the wearer covered at night. The safety vest is also good during daylight with its fluorescent yellow color.

The new reflective jacket offers every feature that is needed for a secure night time experience. The reflector vest is fully adjustable and fits all sizes, can be worn by men, women and children, and allows for free, random movements. The pockets are convenient to carry phones, cards and other material, and as a free bonus, buyers also get two adjustable 3M reflective bands and a waterproof storage bag.

High visibility vests require good quality material, and the new reflective cycling jacket doesn’t fail on this score. The material is soft mesh, strong and made of durable fibers that allow easy breathing and quick drying.

“Be seen, be safe and extend your activity with our new reflective and high visibility vest. Every sports person knows time is of essence in life, and this safety reflective vest is designed to give enjoyment and safety to the entire family,” said Karno Bozi of Beautiful Achievements.

The new high visibility safety jacket is now available on Amazon with a 30-day money back guarantee.

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