SelahSoftware Launches Two New Exciting Google Drive Scripts

The two Google Drive Scripts help to organize files as well as deal with the problems of shared Google Drive Files and Folders.

Google Drive can be an important productivity tool for the business sector. However, once the drive is used on a regular basis by several employees, it can cause major problems and become problematic when trying to keep everything organized. To solve that problem a leading software company called SelahSoftware has launched two Google Drive scripts.’s new Google Drive Scripts have become an important step in helping to reduce time and clutter when using Google Drive. The first script deals with one of the big problems when using Google Drive, specifically that files can accumulate on the front page. The more files, the more time spent in organizing files into folders. If the user’s files follow a naming pattern, this script can automatically move files into the specified folders.

The second script deals with the problems that shared Google Drive files and folders can cause, which includes the loss of files. When a person receives a shared file due to them not having ownership of that file, it can be deleted without their knowledge; this can be very problematic when needing that file. To combat the loss of files is a timely process especially if there are lots of different files on the drive. To avoid losing a file and to gain ownership a person will have to download the file and then upload it again to the drive. The new script from SelahSoftware deals with that problem and automates the process saving time and money.

Any user can implement these scripts without any programming experience required.  Most users will be able to set these up in 10 minutes or less.

The scripts have gained worldwide exposure for helping businesses save time and money and avoid the problems that Google Drives can cause.

For a limited time only and to celebrate the success of the Google Drive scripts, is offering both scripts at just $20 each. The scripts come with a 30-day money back guarantee. Through July there is an extra 10% off by using the coupon code MT9E3KJG at checkout.

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