Charminly Announces Italy Vacation Line-Up

Italian-Based Hospitality Service Pairs Dreams with Dreamers

As summer nears and vacation plans are being made, Charminly, a new Italian brand , has announced they will be in full swing, providing all the details needed to experience Italy in personal way, according to the guest’s tastes and preferences.  The company is anticipating a busy upcoming season of offering inspections and selections of charming hotels, agriturismo accommodations, bed & breakfast stays, country house lodgings and boutique hotel arrangements. 

“We take great pride in providing hands-on details about places people want to experience in Italy as well as for things they want to do while here.  We go to great lengths to check out the things that can make or break one’s trip to Italy,” commented Carolina Bassetti, founder of Charminly.  “Fully believing that a wonderful Italian vacation can be done in an affordable fashion, it is our mission to provide tourists with the information that will help them to do so.  My partner and I actually visit every single charming hotel, agriturismo, bed and breakfast and country house locations, boutique hotels before loading them on our website.  That way, we are able to give firsthand knowledge of the places.”

“We also let travelers know what they can expect when it comes to culture, food and other such areas.  By providing all the fine details, we are able to help pair dreamers with their dreams.  We act are like an extension of the tourists, going before them to give them all they need to know before they choose their destinations and activities.   We do this in order to make visiting Italy attainable and very special as well.  That is, in fact, where the name Charminly comes from, Charm-in-Italy.”

Carolina Bassetti founded Charminly in an effort to provide personalized information to potential vacationers to Italy. Her vision has been to rate travel destinations by warmth, hospitality and character rather than with stars and to present the true look and feel of places in a personal way so that tourists can get good idea of what the places, the food and the culture are like in real life.

While Charminly does not actually book the trips nor are they a tour company, what they do offer is a personal reviews of a collection of around 110 small properties and the contact information regarding each.  Each property is personally inspected by Charminly’s owner together with her partner and the information is laid out on the Charminly website so that those who are thinking about a trip to Italy can get a unique and honest look at what is available.

In addition, a review of arts and culture, food and wine, natural beauties and traditions of the territory are on the site as well.  “When you have no information other than a star rating, trips can be scary,” said Cherry, a visitor to the Charminly site.  “I’ve had a horrible experience abroad because I didn’t have firsthand, honest information about an agriturismo I stayed at.  I refused to go through that nightmare again.  But when I decided to visit Italy, I didn’t know anyone who had been.  I had no one to ask firsthand.  I’m grateful to Charminly because I trust them to give me trustworthy information that will make my Italy experience wonderful.”

As many vacationers are making plans to tour Italy in the summer months, a record number are turning to Charminly to give them information and personal reviews they can’t find elsewhere.

To discover Charminly’s expert information about Italy and its charming and unusual hotels, quaint bed and breakfasts, aqriturismo arrangements, beautiful boutique hotels and masserias and off-the-grid country houses, visit:

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