Forbes Big Time Products Company CEO Raves About Tayo Reed, The Queen of Party Bands™ National Act And Why He Highly Recommends For Events and Weddings Globally.

ATLANTA, GEORGIA – 16 May, 2017 – Forbes Magazine listed CEO Millionaire, Harry S. Pierce as #37 America’s Most Promising Companies.  As a Fortune 500 Company, the Philanthropist had to have the best entertaining party band in the nation.  On April 29, 2017, the National Act, “Tayo Reed Explosion” from Party Bands USA™ Entertainment was absolutely phenomenal.  Mr. Pierce had his daughter’s wedding on his Estate where he walked her down the isle.  Immediately after the weddings songs and toasts, Pierce never left the dance floor. “I have not danced like this in a long, long time. I loved every song played by the, Tayo Reed Explosion Show Super Extravaganza.  It was like I was at a concert, one hit after another, feel good music for the soul,” says Pierce.

Pierce noticed that the band did not take their break as scheduled in the contract. He was so impressed with the interaction and all the requests that was play throughout the wedding reception. The Wedding Planner was also happy to have one of the Universal Party Bands™ on her Preferred Vendors List for upcoming events.  Events Planners across the Globe continue to book, the Band Manager, Tayo Reed, National Touring Artists for their upscale corporate events and luxury weddings like the Daughter of Mr. Harry Pierce.

After the wedding reception Mr. Harry Pierce was so extremely satisfied that he gave the band a huge tip of gratitude.
He talked with all the musicians and singers for almost an hour, and said he had the time of his life! The Forbes listed CEO Harry Pierce, states  why he highly recommend, The Queen of Party BandsTayo Reed, CEO of Party Bands USA™ based in Atlanta, Georgia, to Fortune 500 Companies for their Extravagant Corporate Events and Galas.

• You are investing in a World Class Act that is Super Entertaining with an epic Tayo Reed Celebrity Experience. They are not just a cover band.

• Tayo Reed is very accommodating and thorough with details, planning, consulting and customizing entertainment.

• All the performers are very friendly and approachable.

• They go beyond what is expected and give you more than what you asked for! They did not take their 30 minute break. Top Notch Non Stop Entertainment!

• They allowed My daughter, her new husband, and the bridal party, on stage to sing and dance with them which I thought was awesome!

• They are diverse in the music they play, its like having a live Juke Box Entertaining , every genre and dance song we requested, they played.

• Your event will run smoothly with the mistress of ceremony, Miss Tayo Reed herself.  She is remarkably an expert in providing the perfect entertainment for luxury events.

• You can’t top the interaction of this band, before, during and after the event. This is the kind of entertainment you use for generations and generations for any event.

“The Tayo Reed Explosion Hollywood Band, was my best choice I made for my daughter’s Special Day. I will never forget the feelings I felt, which made me want to dance, from music played, that touched the hearts and souls of every single person. Everyone left with a smile on their faces, filled with joy, and unforgettable memories,” says Mr. Pierce.

Mr. Pierce advises that, “Event Planners who have not heard of Party Bands USA™ Entertainment must have them on their Preferred Vendors List. I give this company a 5 Star Review!”

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