Creative Proteomics Announced Its Top 3 Popular Services in the Past Few Months

May 15, 2017, Creative Proteomics concluded its service and product sales level and listed the most popular top 3 services in the past few months. From the beginning of 2017, there are several services welcome by scientists in proteomics field, including targeted metabolomics, high performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) based analysis service and NMR based analysis service.

“if you want to ask why these services can be so popular on the market, we can not give you the accurate reasons. But we do think this should be credited to our professional scientists and advanced equipment.” said Dr. Johnson, senior scientist in Creative Proteomics.

Targeted metabolomics is belonging to metabolomics field. It is a powerful quantitative method for identifying and quantifying the targeted metabolic compounds analysis in organisms. Based on the cutting-edge separation and analytical platforms, such as GC/MS, LC/MS, HPLC/MS and NMR, Creative Proteomics can offer all kinds of targeted metabolomics services to meet various needs from clients. Services are listed on its website.

HPLC-MS analysis service from Creative Proteomics is designed with a variety of separation mechanisms for customers to choose. And all kinds of detectors including ultraviolet, refractive index and so on are available. The reason why this service can be so popular is due to its wide applications and diversity of service items, including polymer formulation, color body identification, reaction monitoring and so on. What’s more, some chromatographic techniques for specific sample matrix are also available, such as RP, NP, IC, GPC/SEC and so on.

NMR analysis service is listed as the top 1 service among all services offered by Creative Proteomics. Compared with that from other companies. NMR analysis service from Creative Proteomics is designed with outstanding advantages and wide applications, including the study of structural information of synthesized molecules, interaction of various molecules study and so on. What’s more, the analytes for NMR spectroscopy is ranging from small organic molecules or metabolite to mid-sized peptide or a natural product.

The three kinds of popular services have brought great benefits to Creative Proteomics. Of course, the analysis of service and product sale level has illuminated the future of Creative Proteomics.

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