Scholar and foster care abuse survivor Dr. Alexis Maston Announces The Release of her inspiring book ‘Trapped’

Scholar and foster care abuse survivor Dr. Alexis Maston has recently announced the release of her book “Trapped” on the Foster Care Month that will motivate the readers to fight for a better life even in the midst trauma and abuse.

Austin, Texas – May 16, 2017 – From a nightmarish life in foster care to all the way to attaining the Ph.D. in education from Texas state university, Dr. Alexis Maston is the live example of standing strong even in the face of dire adversity. Her never-say-die spirit amidst severe trauma would be a great inspiration for many suffering a similar fateful situation in life now. With the dawn of National Foster Care Month this May, she has recently announced the release of her new inspiring book “Trapped” that chronicles how she reached to the peak despite foster care abuse and other hard times in life.

“I am really excited to announce the release of my new book ‘Trapped’ this National Foster Care Month. It’s a memoir of my garish life in foster care and many other adversities that tried to bog me down but couldn’t.  For the most part of my childhood, I was always In and Out of foster care. I was separated from most of my family members and subjected to severe abuse at the foster homes. It was like drowning straight into the abyss. But I always knew I had to get out of it and I was ready to fight for that. I had faith in God and somehow I mustered enough courage to sail towards a better future. From an oppressive life in foster care homes to obtaining my Ph.D. from Texas state university and launching my own organizations, it has been a tough yet fulfilling journey,” stated Dr. Maston while announcing the release of her book.

Dr. Maston’s hardships was not just limited to foster care abuse. After she finally got back home from oppressive foster parents and child shelters, she was not being allowed to attend school for 4 long years. On top of that, there were rape attempts from her step-father and also constant mental and verbal abuse. It was after a year that her mother sent her to her father’s family in East St. Louis. The very first week she got there, she enrolled herself into a school and from then on there was no looking back.

The girl who could not attend school for the most of her childhood is now “Dr. Alexis Maston” who received her Ph.D. in education from Texas state university.. She is one of those gifted persons who somehow manage to find positivity everywhere and today she is invited all over the world to motivate millions with her inspiring tales of success against traumatic hardships. She has also launched a non-profit promotional company K-Nation Group that creates internationally acclaimed events for Startups, Academic, Beauty and Entertainment industries. 

“I know there are many suffering the similar trauma and my book is especially written to guide them to light. I too have been at dire situations that seemed to be the end of the world- but believe me every cloud has a silver lining. I just prayed to God, kept myself strong and made the most of every opportunity I could grab. I hope my book gives you that strength and courage needed to fight your way to glory, beating all the hardships blocking your way,” Dr. Maston added in.

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