Large Power of China Praised for Professional Custom Energy Storage Battery

Lithium-Ion Batteries For Various Industries

Guangdong City, China – 16th May, 2017 – The Large Power brand, made by the Dongguan Large Electronics Company, is receiving acclaim for their Professional custom energy storage battery and other lithium battery products.

One of the most praised products on its line, the lithium-ion batteries, are one of its best sellers in the market. They can be customized in a way to B2B buyers. A few of the customizations that can be done include specialty batteries, storage batteries and industrial batteries. This has greatly contributed to the positive image the Large Power brand has earned as a li ion battery manufacturer.

The lithium-ion storage battery products made by Large Power are available in 12-volt, 24-volt, 36-volt and 48-volt li ion packs. When put in a side-by-side comparison, lithium ion batteries are more environmentally friendly and energy efficient compared to the usual lead acid ones. It is also more durable, safe and reliable, with extended lifetimes and stronger capacity. Also available are lithium polymer and LiFePO4 industrial products.

As one  the world’s energy storage companies, the Large Power company supplies lithium-ion batteries and professional custom energy storage battery packs for a wide range of industries like medicine, military, mining, robotics, communication and logistics. Medical devices that use the battery include ultrasounds, infusion pump and medical laptops. The finance industry also benefit from the batteries of Large Power through POS machines, mobile payment terminals and printers.

The products of Large Power have been used in 3000 successful cases and have received various international certifications from global trade and product organizations. Large Power has also obtained national-level certifications from industry and trade agencies from countries like Canada, Korea,Ukraine, Korea, Japan, Russia and the European Union. They also own a total of 93 patents, 15 of which are national, 75 are national utility model patents and 3 are Guangdong province high tech product patents.

The Large Power brand employs 60 people for its research and development (R&D) team to inspect and study about different aspects of the workmanship, electrochemistry and other mechanisms of the li ion battery and 18500 battery pack products sold by the company. They employ seven experts, which is made up of six full professors and one associate professor. The R&D team mainly work with Guangdong PV Storage and Energy Internet Technology Research Center, South China University of Technology Postgraduate Research and Innovation Lab and South China University of Technology New Energy Associated Lab.


The Dongguan Large Power Electronics Co. has been one of the largest energy storage companies in the world since it was established in 2002. It has its headquarters in the Gosun Science Park, Nancheng District in Dongguan City in China’s Guangdong City. It is known as a li ion battery manufacturer, doing production, research and marketing of various products like 18500 battery pack.

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