How to manage a decentralized blockchain project?

The birth of BTC is the most remarkable start from the theory of decentralization in financial industry. This popular theory is completed by technical method in the beginning. The appearance of decentralization has firstly filled in the imagination of extremists. For different groups, there are different understandings of decentralization.

In the digital currency industry, decentralization does not mean no governmental management. The birth of internet decentralization product and theory will not allow for any anti-social and anti-consensus behaviors. The concept is rejecting the appearance of power centralized institution, this is also the goal of organizations like BTC development group (Bitcoin Core).

In the development process of decentralization project, it is important to identify managers. The Whitepaper of Acchain has pointed out “how to manage a decentralized project”. Acchain group encourages public open management, instead of just relying on technology.

The general meaning of DAO is linking the blockchain communities and billions of people from point to point to help synergetic sharing becomes new mode. So each member will be playing the role of both producer and consumer, each activity will become one kind of cooperation. This process is aimed to build digital society.

DAO (decentralized automatic organization) is established by smart contract platform, such as Ethereum is one of the most popular platforms currently. The advantage of decentralized automatic organization is strictly following the code rules. One DAO member cannot be bribed, its purpose is to simply execute the code order; organization management is based on a fair and decentralized condition; DAO improves transparency and preferable audition. Acchain established a decentralized asset digitization platform, it is a common community of global digital asset tokens. It completes asset digitization by copying Acchain general ledger, and creating the asset exchange token which base on the standard token-ACC (Asset Collection Coin).

As the bottom agreement of asset digitization tool, ACC holders as the members are establishing Acchain community, and it is a self-improve process during asset digitization. All nodes in chain are DAO members, they are remaining and managing this agreement.The asset owner (Issuer), developer, trader, can create tokens by copying the asset general ledger, and implement the acceptance and circulation through ICO. The efficiency of asset circulation will increase significantly by asset digitization, and break the barriers in economic development.

In the process of managing the decentralized Acchain project, the main work for members in the community is to determine the possibility of an asset digitization project based on Acchain agreement. After all the information about the assets from a thorough due diligence being uploaded onto the chain for entire community to review, the community will decide if the project is accepted or not, and if it is to move to the next step, and only with the approval from at least 2/3rd of the members, the assets will be allowed to be written onto the chain for token generating. All members in community are required to participate in the process, public vote process is also decentralized.

Nowadays, the global ICO of Acchain has began since MAY 9th ,2017, domestic ICO is on going on the official website ( And the goal for this ICO is to raise 11111 BTC, 3000 BTC from domestic market. Official recognition, public selling of ACC in Acchain is expecting an opportunity to study and decide asset digitization as the core of blockchain standard application.

Through the ICO, the organization hopes to establish and develop an application standard for asset digitization that based on the blockchain technology.

“For traditional enterprises, especially for those who are facing the industrial transformation, it is a solution for distribution channels development, and product diversity development. For investors, it can decrease the technical barrier of blockchain, and satisfy the needs of investors for investment diversification.”

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