Rush Gum: A New, Long-Lasting Source of Energy Launches on Indiegogo

Toronto, ON – On May 8th, 2017, Rush Gum Co. proudly released their Indiegogo campaign for Rush Gum, an all new, healthy, long-lasting and convenient source of energy specially designed to help you make the most of your day. Rush Energy Gum is virtually crash-free, kills bad breath, and costs up to 5 times less than competitive products.

“Caffeine has been shown through study after study to improve memory and cognitive function, while decreasing fatigue,” explains co-founder James Kazimowicz. “Although it is no secret that the caffeine inside of coffee, energy drinks, and other products help millions of people around the world meet their busy day to day schedules, we quickly noticed many inconveniences with these foods and beverages. For starters, coffee only tastes good warm, while energy drinks only taste good when they’re cold, and both leave you with an awful aftertaste. But beyond the bad taste, these beverages were inconvenient to carry around, would spill all over ourselves and our work, and worst of all, always left us with a brutal crash a few hours later.”

By encapsulating the same amount of caffeine that you would find in a standard cup of coffee into a tiny piece of sugar-free gum, and combining it with the crash-neutralizing effects of L-theanine, taurine, and B vitamins, Rush provides the focus and energy you need to succeed, without the dreaded crash. What’s more, it’s convenient, tastes great, and takes effect in a fraction of the time that any energy food or beverage does.

“After several months of research, and a surprising amount of help from the industry professionals that we managed to get in touch with, we were able to developed a fully functional prototype that not only helped us to stay focused and alert, but tasted great, and lasted for hours on end,” says the team. “As our close family and friends began relying on our prototypes to help them tackle their daily meetings, exams, and athletics, we soon realized that we weren’t just providing them with an extra boost of energy, we were providing them with motivation. With Rush Gum, we could now tackle our daily engagements with the confidence of knowing that we were doing so at our best and brightest.”

The two young entrepreneurs founded Rush Gum so that they could share this motivational effect with the world. They have since gotten in touch with several manufactures and are now on the final stage of formulation. Rush Gum is currently raising funds through Indiegogo in order to complete manufacturing and bring their product to the masses. Those who order through this Indiegogo campaign will be amongst the first to try Rush Gum for themselves as well as gain access to limited edition packs, t-shirts, and new motivational content.

“We hope to provide individuals the energy they need to reach their destination, and the motivation to persevere through their journey there,” states co-founder Rohan Kumar. “With Rush gum, gain the energy, focus, and confidence that you need to achieve the impossible. With Rush Gum, do more.”

For more information, please visit the Indiegogo page here or contact the creator below.

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Company Name: Rush Gum Co.
Contact Person: Rohan Kumar
Country: Canada