Hey Rocco: A lovable children’s book character bridges the distance between families

A Kickstarter project to build stronger family relationships

TORONTO – May 16, 2017 – A new children’s character brings together adults and the important children in their lives through the power of creative storytelling and ongoing adventures. Beautifully illustrated by artist Matto Haq and written by Jason Oakley, Hey Rocco is a children’s book subscription that adults can share with a special child who lives apart from them to help foster a strong creative bond.

“Being an uncle who has always lived in a different city than my two nephews, I can relate to just how difficult it is to build a relationship with a child you see twice a year,” says Jason Oakley, founder and author of Hey Rocco. “Our connection is limited to brief phone conversations or pictures, making it hard to get to know them or play a meaningful role in their life.”

The main character in the stories is Rocco, a curious fox who loves adventure and mischief, and is looking for a best friend. The service starts with the first book in the series being shipped directly to a child with a plush Rocco toy included. As the first story unfolds the child discovers that Rocco has been sent specifically to them from a family member, which sets the stage for the child to start a conversation and share a special bond with their aunt, uncle, mom, dad, grandparent, or family friend. As an ongoing subscription service, a new Hey Rocco book will be published every 2 months and shipped directly to the child on the adult’s behalf. Each book will tell a story about the times Rocco sneaks off when no one is looking to seek a new adventure.

“The person who places the order will also receive a digital copy of each story so they can stay in the loop on Rocco’s latest adventure,” explains Oakley. “This way, when you call, Skype or Facetime, you have something new to chat about – whether it’s simply to check in on them or to laugh about Rocco’s latest adventures.”

Oakley has launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds to bring Hey Rocco to life. The funds from the campaign will go towards hiring a professional editor, printing, further prototyping and production of the plush toy, creation of various rewards and shipping.

For full details, visit http://bit.ly/heyrocco

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