BALTIMORE, MD – 16 May, 2017 –

GAMMA HONORS®, a new honors society exclusively for students who graduate with honors is determined to raise the profile and voice of honor graduates world-wide.

These academic unsung “heroes” and the best in academics according to Dr. Gladson Nwanna, the spokesperson for the organization, have rarely been given the honors they really deserve beyond a cursory mention of their names on graduation day. Beyond this day, they are virtually forgotten. Not even their neighbors, hometown or state know them or remember them. Gamma Honors society, according to Dr. Nwanna, will change that by bringing wider recognition to these outstanding graduates. Gamma Honors will work with employers, the media, educational institutions and the general public on their behalf to ensure that their exceptional hard work is recognized. These graduates, in fact need to be sort after by employers and institutions of higher learning and appropriately rewarded for their unique qualities; qualities that are very germane to productive employees and to further advanced academic endeavors.

Students who graduate with honors are highly encouraged to seek membership in Gamma Honors and avail themselves of the many benefits available to them as members.

Gamma Honors offers membership in five categories: Doctorate, Master’s Degree, Bachelor’s Degree, Associate’s Degree, and High School Diploma/Certificate. Membership is open to applicants who graduate with honors as verified by an official of the applicant’s school.

Membership in Gamma Honors is lifetime and brings such benefits as verification for prospective employers, special product and services discounts, and inclusion by category of membership in the publication Best in Academics among Graduates. Members will also benefit from continued exposure and visibility provided by their association with Gamma Honors. Members receive a Certificate of Membership recognizing and honoring their outstanding academic accomplishments.

To learn more and/or apply for membership, go to:

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