Firewalla Has Been Revealed as a One-Stop Security Solution For The Home Network

Tackle Mirai type of botnet attack & advanced Ransomeware Wannacry

San Jose, CA, USA – May 17, 2017 – Firewalla LLC has announced the launch of their full set of cyber security solution, Firewalla, to secure home networks like never before. The company is a Silicon Valley based IoT security startup that is bringing enterprise-grade security solution in a simple and affordable platform to protect home networks all across the globe. Firewalla is a one-stop solution to secure all of the digital devices that are connected to the network in homes and workplaces.

“It is a total cyber security solution that can protect your family from cyber threats, control kids’ Internet usage, and even protects you when you are out at Starbucks,” said Jerry Chen, the inventor of Firewalla while revealing the new solution. The full solution contains a free Mobile App, a tiny little Firewalla box, and an Artificial Intelligence powered cloud. The free App has been released for few a months with tens of thousands of downloads. “We are welcoming everyone to try it and get the comprehensive health report about your home security vulnerability. The Firewalla Device will be launched in about a month’s time, and it will be the most affordable device in the industry,” he added.

The security solution was created by a seasoned security expert, Jerry Chen, while investigating the Mirai Attack.  Mirai attack happened in October 2016, it turned countless home IoT devices into zombie bots and brought down a large part of the Internet.

Since then, the Mirai type of attacks did not die down, but rather keep increasing as the Mirai source code was released and more importantly, large majority of the IoT devices still are lacking basic security measure. Just in the past few days, we saw the most advanced Ransomware WannaCry, which infected devices in 99 countries.

“This is exactly what Firewalla is made for, by making Cyber Security Simple, and Affordable, we want to protect the home from such attacks,” said Jerry.

The Firewalla solution has been on trial for a few months in hundreds of homes, and the feedback received from the users has been phenomenal. Individuals as well as IT professionals have not only used this great security solution, but are also recommending it to their friends and family.

Besides protection against all forms of cyber attacks today and in the future, Firewalla is also a great tool for parents to control how their kids use the Internet, protect privacy with built in VPN server, block Ads, and many more exciting features in the works.

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