EasyKnock Has Arrived And It’s Great News For Homeowners Across The United States

It is time to empower homeowners, not brokers

Long Island, NY, USA – May 17, 2017 – EasyKnock has announced that the company will be launching its beta website this summer. EasyKnock is one of the fastest growing housing networks in the world which is a direct sales platform that allows everyone to access the tools, resources and information needed to negotiate and close the deal themselves without having to rely on a sales broker. For buyers, sellers and even those who just wish to find out the worth of their home, EasyKnock is a place to be.

“We welcome you whether you are looking to buy a home, sell your house, or are just curious how much your home is worth,” said the spokesperson of EasyKnock while talking about the services. “Our members get access to the fastest growing housing network and the beta site coming this summer will further enhance our position as an industry leader as an authentic housing network,” he added.

Unlike the other online tools and apps, which get paid to match people with brokers, EasyKnock works to match homeowners with vetted buyers and facilitates their transaction fairly, every step along the way. Each year, brokers collectively charge 87 billion dollars in the United States and are Easyknock believes there has to be a better way. Usually, brokers charge 6% of the whole deal, which can be saved with ease by closing the deal without a broker. In addition, most of the people don’t really like their experience with a broker, which is also a reason why people are looking for other alternatives while buying or selling properties.

The best feature of EasyKnock empowers buyers and owners to connect directly and broker-free. Once an owner declares their price where they would sell their home, interaction is made possible directly with the buyers through the website of EasyKnock. In addition, the homeowner can also edit the profile of their house and upload its pictures on the website for the potential buyers online. This methodology by EasyKnock is not only very simple but also easy and affordable for both parties. Technology has improved the lives of people greatly and the creators of EasyKnock wanted to bring the same technological sophistication in the real estate industry across America.

EasyKnock’s transaction fee is only 1.5% as opposed to the high fees charged by brokers (6%). In addition, this 1.5 % brings a lot of benefits for both parties and these include, no pressure, no public scrutiny, no days on the market and above all, no commitment to a broker. When the traditional process of using a broker is not a smooth process, EasyKnock has arrived as a great news and a solution for homeowners as well as potential buyers and the company’s new beta website will majorly contribute to its success in the future. Easyknock

For further details, please visit: www.easyknock.com

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