Lawyers of Distinction Welcomes New Lawyers in April 2017

In this past month of April, Lawyers of Distinction is proud to announce we have welcomed over 150 new members from throughout the United States.

Lawyers of Distinction is recognized as the fastest growing community of distinguished lawyers in the United States. We were recently featured in Times Square, N.Y.C. Membership is limited to the top 10% of attorneys in the United States. Members are accepted based upon an objective evaluation of an attorney’s qualifications, licenses, reputation, experience, and disciplinary history.

Please see our website for further details concerning membership qualifications.

Membership roster publications continue throughout the year as well print advertising in Trial Magazine, National Law Journal, Daily Business Review and others. Member advertisements run continuously online in New York Times, CNN, Fox News, Huffington Post, Yahoo and others. Further, Lawyers of Distinction will be featured in the New York Times in June.

Lawyers of Distinction does not offer membership to more than 10% of attorneys in any given state. Lawyers of Distinction uses it own independent criteria, including both objective and subjective factors in determining if an attorney can be recognized as being within the top 10% of attorneys in the United States in their respective field. This designation is based upon the proprietary analysis of the Lawyers of Distinction organization alone, and is not intended to be endorsed by any of the 50 United States Bar Associations or The District of Columbia Bar Association.

Lawyers of Distinction recognizes lawyers from the following practice areas: Bankruptcy, Corporate and Transactional, Criminal Defense, Disability and Workers Comp, Employment & Labor Law, Estate Planning – Wills & Trust, Family & Divorce, Immigration, Intellectual Property – Patents, Trademarks, Copyright & Licensing, Mediation, Personal Injury, Real Estate & Property, Civil Litigation, Tax Law, and In House Counsel. Lawyers of Distinction may add additional practice areas upon request.

Member attorney’s may use the Lawyers of Distinction trademarked materials including the brand logo on their letterhead, law firm pamphlets, and mailing materials as well as print media and other forms of advertising. Members may also use the logo and other trademarked materials on their website. Other benefits of a Lawyer of Distinction membership include: a customized 12” x 15” genuine cherry wood plaque, a 10” tall translucent customized crystal, valuable Search Engine Optimization enhancement, a personalized profile within our member directory, extensive member discount program, and a national press release.

The new members for April 2017 are listed below:

Andrei Blakely Esq. – Maryland – Family & Divorce
Jonathan James Esq. – Illinois – Criminal Defense
Kris Su Esq. – California – Tax Law
George Halenkamp, Iv Esq. – Missouri – Family & Divorce
Wayne Ely Esq. – Pennsylvania – Employment and Labor Law
Lauren Wimmer Esq. – Pennsylvania – Criminal Defense
Seth Gladstein Esq. – Kentucky – Personal Injury
Allegra Lawrence-Hardy Esq. – Georgia – Employment and Labor Law
Brandon Mead Esq. – Maryland – Criminal Defense
Lisa Mclaughlin Esq. – Delaware – Civil Litigation
Valeria Tomlin Esq. – Maryland – Family & Divorce
Clyde Copeland Esq. – Mississippi – Civil Litigation
Calandra Revering Esq. – Minnesota – Criminal Defense
Caitlin Bennett Esq. – Texas – Real Estate & Property
Benton Williams Esq. – Texas – Civil Litigation
Joy Bertrand Esq. – Arizona – Criminal Defense
John Engvall Esq. – Texas – Civil Litigation
Brian Johnson Esq. – South Carolina – Personal Injury
Marybel Coleman Esq. – Florida – Family & Divorce
Terry Dodds Esq. – Illinois – Personal Injury
Jeffrey Hall Esq. – California – Estate Planning – Wills & Trusts
Michael Hingle Esq. – Louisiana – Personal Injury
Stephen Philipson Esq. – California – Disability and Workers Comp
Stephen Pfeiffer Esq. – Virginia – Criminal Defense
M. Andrew Brison Esq. – West Virginia – Civil Litigation
Scott Margules Esq. – Florida – Family & Divorce
Ryan Garvey Esq. – Arizona – Criminal Defense
Leonard Parks Esq. – Georgia – Criminal Defense
Timothy Arcaro Esq. – Florida – Family & Divorce
Tom Rhodes Esq. – Texas – Personal Injury
Maksim Malmygin Esq. – California – Disability and Workers Comp
Robert M. Bell, Esq. Esq. – Florida – Immigration
Stuart Freeman Esq. – Florida – Civil Litigation
J. Michael Comer Esq. – Alabama – Personal Injury
Gretchen Boger Esq. – California – Family & Divorce
Aaron Aquino Esq. – Nevada – Personal Injury
Robin Shellow Esq. – Wisconsin – Criminal Defense
Laurie Peters Esq. – California – Family & Divorce
Jerome Friedberg Esq. – California – Civil Litigation
Susan Dodge Esq. – North Carolina – Personal Injury
James Robertson Esq. – Texas – Family & Divorce
Rachel King Esq. – California – Estate Planning – Wills & Trusts
Alvin Entin Esq. – Florida – Criminal Defense
Justin L. Williams Esq. – Texas – Personal Injury
Mark Matovina Esq. – Florida – Personal Injury
Deborah Rysso Esq. – Michigan – Estate Planning – Wills & Trusts
Thelma Wyatt Moore Esq. – Georgia – Personal Injury
Robert Glick Esq. – New York – Civil Litigation
Michele R. Fisher Esq. – Minnesota – Employment and Labor Law
Sarah Fox Esq. – Texas – Criminal Defense
Jeremy Winton Esq. – Kentucky – Personal Injury
Wiener Cadet, Jr. Esq. – California – Civil Litigation

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