Made in Water releases information on Home Birth

As the company offers inflatable birthing pools and birthing pools accessories

Made in Water, a manufacturing company is happy to release important information about Home Birth.  This information is for pregnant women, especially the celebrities who prefer giving birth at home as it offers a more natural approach to childbirth. Homebirth is becoming a popular choice for women during childbirth because they believe it is the safest place of giving birth. Improvement in technology has contributed in making homebirth a safe and a more comfortable place for childbirth.

According to UK government figures, about 22% of pregnant women would choose to give birth at home and in areas where it is promoted by midwives and supported by GP, over 25% of women give birth at home compared to the National average rate of 2%. Therefore, over 15,000 babies are birth at home each year. A few celebrities who gave birth at home include Meryl Streep, Demi Moore, Cindy Crawford, Lisa Bonet, Pamela Anderson and Jade Jagger.

There are several reasons why pregnant women should choose giving birth at home and some of them are;

  • An easier and less painful labour
  • A better chance of natural birth with less intervention
  • A less chance of infection
  • A better chance of successful breastfeeding
  • Cost effectiveness

About 99% of women who have experienced both home and hospital birth will say that they would choose to have a home birth in the future. There is no place like home.

To learn more about Home Birth, please click here now.

About Made in Water

Made in Water is a manufacturing company that is involved in the manufacture and design of inflatable birthing pools such as La Bassine Birth Pools and birthing pools accessories.

La Bassine Birth Pool is a remarkable new concept in birth pools and was designed by a mum to create an intimate and soothing birth environment like no other. La Bassine is recommended all over the world for its practical feathers, lead, cadmium and phthalates free material. 

Here are few testimonies from customers:

“Women in labour are often drawn to water for its gentle calming effect. La Bassine provides a sanctuary for the birthing woman, a space where she’s in charge of her birthing body and where she’s able to offer her baby a gentle entrance to the world.”Becky, Doula

“I am so impressed with the pool, which we had inflated in our lounge this weekend. It is so much better than the ‘others’. I think it will sell very easily. Thanks very much. Very quick service.” – Jayn, Your Doula

Made in Water are not just the suppliers of world’s best quality inflatable birthing pools, they are also used and recommended by hospitals, midwives and doulas.

Contact Information

For more information about Made in Water, contact the company through any of the following contact details:

Address: La Bassine Wyndmere House Ashwell Road Steeple Morden Royston, Herts SG8 0NZ

Phone: 01442 506330

Fax: 01442 502051

Email: or visit their official website by clicking here

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