Portsmouth, Virginia, U.S.A. – May 17, 2017 Today, The ILEAD Company LLC invites the public to their women’s leadership convention taking place on Saturday, May 27, 2017 from 10:30 AM to 5:00 PM (EDT) at The Village Church of Portsmouth 900 Portsmouth Blvd. in Portsmouth, VA.  The event is aimed at educating women on gender equality rights and equipping them to become great leaders.

Despite various campaigns locally and internationally for gender equality and women’s empowerment, discrimination and violence against women and girls has regrettably continued in every part of the world. Gender equality is a fundamental human right. It is also all-important for peaceful co-existence, increased productivity and sustainable development.

According to Lakeisha McKnight, the chief organizer, “Women are around the world are given lower salaries in corporations. They are being trafficked into other countries, sexually abused and their bodies treated like market commodities. Women also struggle with confidence and knowing their life’s purpose. These are issues are similar within many cultures. It will take a combined effort of the world community and all governments to take drastic action to implement women equality in all settings. Now is the time to declare boldly, ‘I am woman and I am born to lead,” she concluded.

The convention will also provide an opportunity to re-orientate the populace on the need to allow women equal access to quality education, work based on qualifications and representation in both political and economic roles in their country. Participants shall receive rich content that will increase their knowledge in valuable areas such as entrepreneurship, peak performance, confidence building, pragmatism, leadership and so much more. There shall also be nice collections of jewellery, clothing, bags and perfumes at the event, not to mention the varieties of dishes that will be available for participants to enjoy.  

The event will feature six leading ladies who are well renowned in the leadership circle including Lakeisha McKnight, Cheryl Harris Sutton, Toccara Steele, Remi Duyile, and Sheliah McDaniel, other trainers and inspirational speakers.

To grab a ticket and get more information about the event, visit the website http://www.leadershiptkoconvention.com/

About Lakeisha McKnight

Lakeisha McKnight is the creator of the Leadership TKO™ brand and CEO of LMBI, legally known as The International Leadership Education & Development Company LLC.  LMBI partners with businesses and associations to build winning leaders across the globe.

Learn more about the company by visiting www.leadershiptko.com

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