Introducing Running Burgers, A Restaurant Chain Serving Sliders Via Moving Belt

Everyone loves a variety of burgers, but often one burger is enough for a whole meal. Here to allow everyone to try a variety of burgers is Running Burgers, serving all you can eat miniature burgers on a moving belt.

Burgers have long been a staple food in the United States and a variety of other countries. As a result, there are many diverse types of burgers ranging from a standard hamburger to an outlandish BBQ slider. Considering just how many delicious types of burgers are out there, it is a shame that one burger often takes up a whole meal.

As a result, it is difficult for consumers to try a variety of burgers, and it is risky for the consumer to order a whole burger that they have never tried before for fear of not liking the burger and wasting the entire meal. Today a new restaurant chain by the name of Running Burgers is here to solve this problem with convenient, all you can eat miniature burgers. These miniature burgers will be served on a moving belt and will be small enough to allow customers to try a variety of burgers before feeling too full.


The Running Burgers franchise will consist of hundreds of restaurants each with their own kitchen producing fresh sliders and miniature burgers as well as sides to compliment the sliders. These items will then be moved around the restaurant by a twenty-two meter or longer conveyer belt that services the entire restaurant. This moving belt will be kept inside a heated glass container, keeping the burgers and sides fresh and warm while they travel around the restaurant.

While these items move around the restaurant, guests are welcome to grab any of them off of the conveyer belt to eat. In this way, guests can select what type of sliders they want to try and eat as many as they want. In this way, Running Burgers will give its customers a unique and fun way to try a selection of flavorful miniature burgers.


Sadly, launching a burger franchise is no easy task. To remedy this issue, the team behind Running Burgers has started a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter. Those who donate to the campaign will be rewarded with anything from permanent discount cards to a quantity of free meals. Thanks to this support, the Running Burgers team hopes to soon let people around the world experience the fun collection of flavors that sliders from Running Burgers can offer by opening one thousand stores over the next fifteen years. 

To learn more visit the Kickstarter campaign page.

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Company Name: Running Burgers
City: Hamburg
Country: Germany