Experience a New Level of Comfort With R. Marcell UNDRFashion™

Underwear is a vital part of any man’s wardrobe. However, poor quality fabrics and designs have marred this indispensable garment. Luckily, R. Marcell UNDRFashion™ is here to improve this clothing staple.

Underwear is the unsung hero of the clothing world. This one simple piece of clothing provides a helpful barrier that blocks odor and prevents chafing, all while providing much-needed support. Therefore, it would make sense that underwear would always be of a higher quality. This would be achieved through sleek but effective designs and high-quality fabrics that provide a mix of comfort, breathability, and function. Sadly, many underwear companies neglect to take these steps, instead focusing on churning out cheap underwear that ends up being inadequate in the long run. Here to reverse this unfortunate trend is R. Marcell UNDRFashion™, a new name in luxury underwear that aims to provide maximum comfort and style without sacrificing quality.

R. Marcell UNDRFashion™ combines the best in undergarment design with multiple different high-quality fabrics. Features such as the premium mesh pouch, which provides comfortable yet firm support for the “family jewels,” and Modal moisture wicking waistbands are natural evolutions of classic underwear components. However, with R. Marcell UNDRFashion™ these time-tested technologies have been meticulously re-imagined to maximize their effectiveness within the undergarment.


The fabric used within R. Marcell UNDRFashion™ is another aspect of these luxury undergarments that sets them apart from the competition. Unlike other underwear brands, which may use one or two low-quality fabrics in their designs, R. Marcell UNDRFashion™ uses three different high-quality fabrics in each signature line – R. Marcell Elite™ / R. Marcell Diamond™ / R. Marcell Classique™ in their underwear. Each material serves a specific purpose within the garment such as providing support, blocking odors, or creating maximum breathability. The finished product is carefully engineered so each pair of underwear combines the highest qualities providing every man with the most incredible experience possible.

With work done on the design and prototyping of their luxury underwear line, only one major roadblock stands between R. Marcell UNDRFashion™ and production: additional funding. Even with the help of their amazing manufacturing partners, moving on to the production phase presents a massive financial undertaking for R. Marcell UNDRFashion™. Therefore, R. Marcell UNDRFashion™ has turned to Kickstarter in the hopes of raising funds necessary to move forward and continue manufacturing this innovative step forward in undergarments. With reader support, R. Marcell UNDRFashion™ can reach the consumer, finally allowing them to purchase and wear high-quality underwear with style and substance.

To learn more, visit the R. Marcell UNDRFashion™ Kickstarter page.

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