The Long Awaited Paper Form Mapping Has Now Arrived

FormTitan has introduced yet another amazing solution to convert paper forms into online forms with ease

May 17, 2017 – FormTitan has announced the release of the ultimate form filling solution on their website. Known as the Paper Form Mapping, the solution can easily convert paper form into a responsive form in several formats. Having great features, the process to map paper forms is very easy and users just need to scan their paper forms and FormTitan Builder will automatically make an online version of that form within seconds. Moreover, the process is also reversible and the builder can automatically output online form entries into a paper form.

“There are four simple steps to use our Form Builder.” Said the spokesperson of FormTitan while explaining the working of the software. “Users can easily scan their form from a paper and then they can build it online, which follows the mapping process and then the form is ready to be used.” He added. According to the spokesperson, the paper form mapping will be a great tool for the banks, insurance companies and other governmental and non-governmental offices and will make their work easier than ever before.

Form filling has been around for ages and now, people are more inclined towards the usage of online forms. However, paper forms still retain their place in many parts of the world and the solution created by FormTitan will combine both techniques of form filling to one page. Moreover, several financial, insurance and legal services still rely on paper forms, which have to be downloaded and printed manually. It is very early to learn how to use it and the user friendly interface has made it increasingly popular in demand.

The developers at FormTitan spent a lot of time in the research and development of this solution and they put a lot of attention on the amount of time, money and energy wasted in the process of form conversion manually. Therefore, this amazing solution will not only save hours of the time of converting those forms from paper to online and the other way around, but will also increase the productivity of business and personnel. The software is not only password protected, but is also very easy to use.

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