BNatrl Announces Partnership With All Green Energy To Market Renewable Energy & Water Products in South Africa

BNatrl is a socially-responsible company that has developed products to better the lives of people in developing nations.

MOUNTAIN VIEW, CALIFORNIA, September 5, 2014, While best known for their advanced nutritional supplements, and emergency preparedness solutions, BNatrl is also well respected for their Off Grid brand, providing alternative energy and water solutions for off-the-grid needs. Their recent announcement that they have entered into an agreement with All Green Energy to sell renewable energy and water products in South Africa makes items available that are sorely needed in that region of the world. These items include: solar generators for eco-homes to provide power for small refrigerators, LED light bulbs, and to charge mobile phones, and portable generators for RV’s and camping. Their solar water generator produces potable water from the humidity in the air while powered by the sun.

The BNatrl Off Grid Water Generator has been viewed as a “Game Changer” in areas without natural access to clean water, or for use in a sudden emergency catastrophe. The Atmospheric Water Generator produces potable water from the moisture in the air by pulling in water vapor from the air, turning it into a liquid, and running it through a series of purifying filters before being deposited into a reservoir. The system also has a microcomputer which re-pumps the water through filters rather than allowing it to stagnate.

The BNatrl Off Grid Solar Power Generator was designed as an alternative to generators that use gasoline, propane or other fossil fuels for different emergency situations or remote operations. It is able to run any type of hand-held device or laptop as well as larger appliances such as refrigerators and washers. The system is very portable at around 40 lbs, and can be taken almost anywhere. It’s also silent, which should be taken literally, as it makes almost no noise, as well as no gas smells/messes or other harmful emissions.

During a recent press conference, the principals of this new partnership made comments as follows: Jacques Fullard of All Green Energy, had this to say: “There is tremendous potential for BNatrl’s Off Grid products in South Africa; energy costs are rising rapidly and many areas of the country have inconsistent power, if any power at all, and many parts of South Africa and Mozambique also do not have access to clean water. BNatrl has developed products to address these needs at a low cost to fit the developing market.”

Lis Herrey, CEO of BNatrl: “BNatrl has come up with solutions to provide alternative energy and clean water at a low cost for developing areas in Africa, while also providing alternative energy and water products suitable for the middle class. We look forward to continuing to grow in Africa together with All Green Energy”

Bo Gustafsson, BNatrl’s Head of Product Development, “We continue to look for partnerships with NGOs, for-profit businesses, and government organizations in developing countries to innovate and create low cost products that meet the needs of the local population. All Green Energy is a great fit because of its complementary products and its network of alternative energy experts and architects working to implement green solutions. This partnership will enhance both of our offerings in the African market.”

For complete information, please visit: BNatrl’s Off Grid products

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