Introducing the Marionette Publishing Company, the first Book Launching Extravaganza held on Sunday, May 21, 2017 5-p.m. – 7p.m. at The Tuscany Ballroom 4810 Techniplex Dr. Stafford, TX 77477

A leading provider of professional and entrepreneurship consultant

HOUSTON, TX – Dr. Doniel Ervin, CEO of Marionette Publishing (MP) is excited to introduce “Marionette Publishing Createpreneur Institute” to the public.  The company is a leading provider of professional and entrepreneurship consultant and the first Book Launching Extravaganza.  Marionette Publishing offers a wide range of services and works with extensive network of capable partners to deliver cost-effective business solutions including book coaching strategy, business management, refund reviews, and entrepreneurship.”

Marionette Publishing Createpreneur Institute debut its first graduating class of 2017 that empowered each individual to transition from thoughts to words, to become an published author.  Truly, dreams achieved. The event is to congratulate each recipient for completing the Marionette Publishing Createpreneur Institute Authors Book Project Course.



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By Hope Encalade

HOPE is a motivational Speaker, Consultant, Entrepreneur, Coach, and a Journalist for Christ.  Her book project tells about her life-threatening encounter with God when diagnosed with Congestive Heart Failure, Severe Mitral Value Regurgitation, and Severe Anemia; nearly the walking dead; yet her Heavenly Father (God) had a plan for her life according to Jeremiah 29:11. 


By Garland S. Hill

Garland is a Minister who has overcome challenges every day of his life, including losing his sight.  His book, DAILY PROPHECIES for the CHAMPION in YOU is designed to encourage, inspire, and motivate people to rise above adversity, to win and not giving up.  He has other books written, and has his own radio show called The Spoken Word Radio program. You can listen every Wednesday at 11:30am on KOER=LP 101.5 RHEMA GOSPEL RADIO.


By TeQuandra L. Sylvester

TeQaundra is a living testimony of overcoming temptation, deception, and abuse. She is an Apostle, wife, and mother and in her book, I MARRIED SOMEONE ELSE’S HUSBAND. She shares her inspirational testimony as a young woman who fell in love with a man of charm, romance, and fascination. The courtship swayed her into believing that she had found her knight in shining armor. Nevertheless, something happened, a word from God came, changed her life, and set her free the past with the love of God.

About Marionette Publishing Company

Marionette Publishing Company mission is to accomplish one major assignment, to educate, empower, and equipped individuals to capture thoughts from life experiences and apply it to paper. Once achieved as an manuscritpt, MP provides professional and affordable publishing strategies that transition the written words to a published book.  MP takes pride and dedication in serving the needs of their students. The company motto echoes through each business service that we must, “Let all things be done, decently and in order, (I Corinthians 14:40)”.  Upcoming coursesessions begin for class of 2018 this fall in August 2017.

About the CEO

Dr. Doniel Ervin is the founder and CEO of Marionette Publishing Company.  She is an Author, Missionary, and Notary, Radio Host, Pastor of Redeemed by the Blood Ministry International and Entrepreneur in the field of business administration, broadcasting, management, and tax services. 

For more information, visit her website by clicking here or click here to learn more about her ministry and business services.

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For more information about Marionette Publishing Createpreneur Institute, contact them through any of the following contact details:

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