Selah Software Launches New Google Drive Automation Script

Columbia, SC – Cloud storage has made life much easier, but how do we ensure that as users we retain complete control over important files and folders? Selah Software has come up with a smart script that anyone can use in minutes to stay updated with recent files and keep them always accessible, just like an owner.

Managing shared files over Google Drive can eat up a good amount of time. The new script, which anyone can set up within ten minutes without any prior programming knowledge or experience, allows for automatically organizing Google Drive files that can save hours and hours that are currently spent. The script allows users to take ownership of any file shared with them in any format, and thus avoid the consequences of the owner removing sharing rights.

Users of Google Drive know the ritual of streamlining files and folders, and the task of reminding owners, colleagues or employees to share ownership. In more drastic cases, access can be removed, as it can happen when employees move out of the company and take files with them. The new script regularly checks for newly shared files and folders, creates a copy, automatically organizes files and folders, and gives the user the all important ownership.

“Our mission is to improve the functionality of tools you already use with easy-to-implement products at low prices. At Selah Software, my aim is to share some neat tools that improve the functionality of apps that I and many others use,” said Aaron Kinney, Founder, Selah Software.

The new Google drive organizing script is now available for purchase with a 30-day refund guarantee, and 50 percent discount for a limited time.

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