Airwheel Popular Three kinds of Smart Helmets to Enrich the Ride

As a pioneer in this field, Airwheel has gained a number of proprietary intellectual property rights. This has laid a solid foundation for Airwheel electric scooter to go to the world and go to further. The newly released Airwheel C6 & C8 are good examples.

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It is also the first time for Airwheel to release auxiliary device and the emergence of C5 intelligent helmet extends the business scope of Airwheel, altering the stereotype of the self-balancing electric scooter. In 2017, Airwheel released another two models of helmets—C6 and C8 cool motorcycle helmets. Airwheel helmet camera conforms to human body engineering that can adapt to different head forms and provide riders with more comfortable wearing experience.

C5 supports the maximum of 128G memory and can be produced in succession for up to 3 hours with the 2000mAh capacity of battery. While, C6 and C8 full face helmet install battery with 4000mAh capacity of battery. Moreover, windproof cover design of Airwheel C6 can effectively protect riders’ binocular safety during the riding. It is common sense that listening to music when riding is of great danger. However, sometimes you may feel boring and lonely in your way indeed. Plus, with the high quality Bluetooth speaker mounted on intelligent helmet for road safety, you will thoroughly enjoy yourself in the journey. And most importantly, you can share your wonderful moment with your friends or upload it to social network platforms by means of app connection function.

Airwheel intelligent helmet

Moreover, Airwheel smart bike helmet can be used for protecting your house. Placed in your house, Airwheel custom intelligent helmet supports non-net video 24 hours so the house owner can know everything happened in every day by scanning the video recorded by Airwheel. For sportsman, the Airwheel C6 open face helmet will be their ideal choice. HD tone quality and windproof microphone not only can play music, but also ensure the clear call in the riding, making telephone calls more secure. C8 racing helmet is designed for racers with full face design.

Based on the above features, intelligence will make the helmet more appealing, especially for the young people. No matter for what kind of rider, Airwheel intelligent helmet for road safety is to enrich the journey.

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