Journalists and Communications Pros Turn to Communicate Influence Classes

Go Content Marketing” Course Teaches Journalists to Embrace Changing Media Trends

While journalism is getting a bad reputation in many areas these days from WikiLeaks to “Fake News” reporting, Communicate Influence has been praised for upholding and promoting truth and value in the media.  A growing number of clients are reportedly determined to bring integrity back to the field by signing up for CI programs such as “Go Content Marketing”, signifying the fact that journalism is evolving for the better and many don’t want to be left behind.

“Our goal is to help those who are in communications, journalism and marketing by offering innovative insights, creative strategies and tactics and new approaches they might not have even thought about,” stated Sheelagh Caygill, Communicate Influence founder and CEO.  “My experience as a journalist and content marketer has lead me to want to help others as the line between journalists and communications professionals is becoming less and less defined.  Individuals are integrating more than ever before and my mission is to embrace the synergy and help prepare them for the merger.”

One of the main ways Communicate Influence teaches is by interviews of professionals that are successfully making the crossover.  By conducting exclusive interviews with those who sought-after experts who have emerged with tried and true tactics, Caygill hopes to school others in communications and journalism fields to follow suit.

“We want to inspire and motivate so the change is celebrated,” Caygill added.  “Moving with the flow is always better than fighting it and with professionals now shifting to a new wave, I hope to make it a pleasant and profitable experience.”

More information about Communicate Influence as well as on “Go Content Marketing” class sign-up can be found on the website.

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