Stockinger Now Offers New Gun Cabinets For Rifles, Pistols And Ammunition All In One

Neuried, Germany – Hiding and storing guns is always a struggle, especially for those who have small children running around the house. The danger of finding and playing with a gun is too high and risky if a person is not careful enough to hide it properly. That’s why hunters and gun enthusiasts need a place to store their guns away and out of reach from children. Luckily, Stockinger now offers a Gun Cabinet that’s specifically developed for hunters and gun enthusiasts that could perfectly store up to eight rifles plus pistols and ammunition, all in one cabinet.

“Stockinger is a company that manufactures the world’s most beautiful and most secure safes. With its elegant design and perfect craftsmanship, your valuables will always be protected inside our safes,” says company representative, Matthias Fitzthum. “Carefully crafted and designed, our products’ modern design and protection blend in a perfect way that will give any owner a sense of absolute security. Our goal is to focus on manufacturing cabinets and safes that have the ability to adapt to any room they’re placed in.”

For forty years, the Stockinger team has been developing more security solutions for their client’s needs. The development of their company has led them to create more designs such as hotel safes, gun cabinets, and even safe rooms. The company’s products are built in such a way that no Stockinger safe could ever be opened by using force. They build safes divided into multi-wall construction, overleaf locking, which is a security bolt mechanism that will lock the safe from all four sides, and the Stocktronic which is the locking system of the vault.

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When it comes to weapon safes, Stockinger’s gun cabinet is the best deal in the history of gun cabinets anyone manufactures. The cabinet is equipped with several locking systems such as fingerprint scanners and combination locks specially designed to keep unwanted hands out. Their resistance grade-1 gun cabinet can be designed and customized to specifications. The makers don’t want to compromise taste in design, that’s why each safe that’s leaving their manufacturer is custom made to fit the customer’s style. All of the components used in manufacturing the cabinet are handcrafted by professional craftsmen in Germany and Switzerland, making any made-to-order gun cabinet a guaranteed top of the line.

With a perfect blend of craftsmanship and ingenuity, the interior and exterior design of any gun cabinet is surely world class. Order now by calling 49 89 124 138 960.

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