Enjoy one of the most mind blowing thrilling mystery stories of all time

18 May, 2017 – imaginations rule the world, with Fictitious exciting stories sitting right on top of it. Novels open a whole different world of peace and excitement in our minds. So we owe it to our minds to read the most exciting stories anywhere we can find them. One of the most thrilling stories of all time has been written by Nathan Rhodes titled “The Mysterious Box from Dark Ridge”.

This Novel is an all time thriller that will keep you on edge while blowing your mind away. This story is about Joe an eighteen year old kid who works hard mining coal. He lives a simple life, until one day a terrible disaster at the mine leads him to a mysterious box hidden inside the broken walls of the Dark Ridge mine. He takes it home and opens it only to wake up three days later costing him his job and safety. He soon discovers that the box has strange powers and so much more.

This discovery leads him to elicit the help of his crazy Uncle Ulus, who leads him to the lovely Cassandra, who too has something magical about her.

Throw in some intergalactic bad guys with superpowers, an underground shelter and the metamorphosis that’s happening with Joe every time he places his hand or eyes on the mysterious box, and buckle up for the ride of the twenty first century.

This novel is specially suited for all young adults and science fiction enthusiasts. The book can be found at Amazon and Createspace by searching for the name.

Or get the ebook and book from the website at http://nathanrhodesauthor.com


About the Author

Nathan started writing from a very young age. While in elementary he wrote his first story ‘the space odyssey’, which the teacher loved and read it out to the rest of the class every day.

Nathan also worked as a miner sometime in his life, Its from this experience he drew the inspiration for the setting of the story. He has always enjoyed writing but within the last few years he rediscovered his passion for writing once again.

To learn more about the author please visit http://nathanrhodesauthor.com

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Contact Person: Nathan Rhodes
Email: nathanrhodes1234@gmail.com
Country: United States
Website: http://nathanrhodesauthor.com