BoozeUp \’On Demand\’ Service Trials Bringg\’s New Integration For Ecommerce

Leading delivery logistics platform ‘Bringg’ helps Booze Up deliver world class service.

London, UK – 18th May, 2017 – LONDON’s premier on-demand convenience service ‘Booze Up’ has begun trialling the newest integration from Bringg – enabling the delivery management platform to deliver across London faster and more efficiently than ever before.

As the industry leader in delivery management technology, Bringg have extensive experience in helping retailers and on-demand businesses to deliver products and services with full visibility for both drivers and customers.

The new feature from Bringg enables companies to integrate Shopify and connect orders to Bringg’s platform. As a long-standing partner of Bringg, Booze Up is now first to use Bringg’s latest integration with Shopify. 

Bringg’s customer experience provides a powerful branded experience to improve customer loyalty and transparency. When an order is placed, customers receive an SMS linking to a map in which they can follow the status and location of their driver in real time. In addition to tracking deliveries in real-time on our live map, they can communicate with drivers or HQ and receive alerts via call or message.

Booze Up will benefit from the Bringg’s unprecedented level of transparency throughout the entire order process. Customers, drivers and retailers are fully aware in real time about the status of each order and each driver and able to optimise the entire delivery process – by improving visibility, communication and transparency.

Bringg’s VP of Sales, Aryeh Altshul commented: “Booze Up’s use of Bringg’s customer-centric platform is exemplary. They’re taking speed and convenience to the next level, while fulfilling a growing demand for round-the-clock deliveries, which allows people to buy what they need, when they need it most. Parties will no longer run out of ice, beers, or snacks!”

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About Booze-Up:

Fast, easy and affordable, Booze-Up aim to deliver alcohol and cigarettes within 15-35 minutes of an order being placed. Stocking well over 170 products that include a large beer delivery section, house, premium or platinum wine delivery, an extensive champagne menu, a selection of snacks and food, as well as pizza – all available for fast delivery

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