Butter’s Innovative Advertising Strategy will Forever Change the Connection between Business and Consumer

The truth has been known for some time. Producers and consumers need a closer, more intimate relationship. The main problem is that businesses force-feed manufactured advertising content in front of the consumer everywhere we go saying, “Buy this and buy that”. Fortunately, this strategy has become more annoying and far less efficient because consumers have been getting smarter and in effect have been much more difficult to sell to. Now, because the commercialized industry had finally led to this state of affairs, one company has taken the step towards a newer age of publicity, marketing, and branding. Butter, founded by CEO, Austin Moss, aims to change the existing nature of relationships between a business and its consumers.

A business does not need to just advertise, but make their connections more personal and intimate. Butter’s strategy is to stay away from commercialized advertising that has become the norm today, and instead rely on personalized video ads that go a long way in growing a businesses market reach, customer loyalty, brand affiliation, and customer retention. The proof is in the pudding, and Butter has shown the results with a consistent return on investment between 120-150 percent and some much higher than that. All campaigns at Butter are free to set up, with literally nothing to lose.

Founder Austin Moss says, “With my previous company I was sick of not seeing any results with our marketing efforts, so I decided to start Butter. Partnering with Breue and software developer Zach Van Ness, we set out to put the control of advertising into the hands of consumers. There is no better way than to have your customers market for you. Period.”

Butter relies on coordinating the marketing efforts between a business and it’s customers, with the sole aim of increasing customer loyalty, retention, and forging stronger brand affinity. This makes Butter’s clients experience greater value as a partner in the endeavor, and that is another break from the industry trend. The idea is that when you partner with Butter your choosing to partner with your customers. Butter’s CEO, Austin Moss says, “This idea is very powerful because consumers should not be looked as people to just sell to but also people to market for you”. Now social media advertising with Butter is a viable solution not just for large companies that are able to distribute nation-wide, but also for the mom and pop shops around the corner and everything in between!

One factor behind Butter’s winning strategy is the renowned appeal of ‘word of mouth’ while simultaneously leveraging the distribution capabilities of existing social media. Butter bridges the gap between consumers and producers because the message and the story of the brand is told by consumers for consumers.

“It was great working with the Butter team to customize a campaign that was right for one of my clients. We got a great return and were able to interact and collaborate with our customers in a new way. Not to mention we had fun through the whole process. I am looking forward to working with Butter again,” says a Butter client, Stephanie.

Stephanie Koehler

Social Media Manager

This innovative, new approach to building a greater connection between consumers and producers is a patent pending technique, and the future will reveal the multiple dimensions that Butter will change in the landscape of advertising and marketing forever.

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