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Seattle, WA – Shoulder replacement surgery comes handy to the locals of Seattle, Washington, thanks to Doctor Daniel Grant Schwartz. Due to aging or trauma, shoulders can wear out and cause pain that progresses over time. Some activities can add to the pain, which also interferes with sleep. The patient may even suffer loss of motion. All of these issues can be addressed by Dr. Schwartz.

“A patient who is thinking about his or her shoulder more often due to pain and daily decision-making should already consider replacement surgery,” says Dr. Daniel Grant Schwartz. “I can help review and diagnose shoulder problems and make recommendations as to what type of shoulder replacement applies. I will conduct a thorough review of the patient’s physical examination, recent X-rays, and any advanced imaging.”

The joints in shoulders are humeral heads which sit in the glenoid or shoulder cup. Each joint surface is lined with cartilage that produces frictionless movement. However, the cartilage can be lost and joint degeneration occurs. The human body does not know how to heal a cartilage breakdown and creates bone spurs instead as an attempt to repair it. This does not alleviate the pain or enhance motion but can, at times, let the opposite occur – more pain and decreased motion. The pain caused by bone spurs worsens the arthritis with symptom including muscle atrophy, swelling, tenderness to touch, and crepitus or a popping, crunching, or clicking sound.

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Those who do not consider shoulder replacement surgery can have non-operative treatment, which is similar to treatment of other orthopedic conditions. NSAIDS like ibuprofen and naproxen, cortisone injections, and limitation of activity may help alleviate the symptoms. Otherwise, when the quality of living is already affected, surgery should be discussed. The following are common types of shoulder replacement or arthroplasty. Total shoulder arthroplasty is needed if the rotator cuff is intact. Reverse shoulder arthroplasty applies when the rotator cuff is torn and arthritis already occurs. This can also address the fractures and benefit those whose rotator cuff tears severely. Hemiarthroplasty is good for patients who may only have problems with just one shoulder. Patients who have humeral head issues sans problem of the shoulder cup or have no glenoid arthritis can also go for this type of surgery. Total shoulder arthroplasty generally yields greater results than hemiarthroplasty. However, there are certain cases that can be best treated with the latter.

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