Blue Artists announces new SEO Solutions, enhanced client account management system

Maryland-based creative agency Blue Artists, LLC. has announced new Search Engine Optimization Solutions and enhanced experiences through the client DevLab system.

The mission of Blue Artists is to collaborate with clients to tell first-rate stories that can shape the future of their brand by inspiring their audiences and themselves. With new SEO Solutions, clients will reach their audience faster and more frequent through higher rankings. The SEO Solutions consist of a robust toolset including:

  • Dedicated monthly expert optimization
  • Keyword research and selection
  • On page optimization
  • Advanced search engine optimization improvements
  • Speed and security improvements
  • Detailed weekly and monthly reporting
  • Link building
  • Blog creation and promotion
  • Social media signals
  • Directory submission
  • Guest posts

The new Search Engine Optimization Solutions are available at three levels so clients may select the Solution that best suits their brand and budget.

Blue Artists has also made significant improvements to the client DevLab system.

The new account overview makes it easy for clients to view all of their membership accounts in one place to review credit balances and account details.

“We’ve enhanced DevLab to be a central hub for everything a client does related to their membership and branding experience,” said Blue Artists producer Pierre Walters. “Clients can now access multiple membership accounts using a single login, and everything is conveniently in one place.”

Blue Artists clients expressed interest in using DevLab as the starting point for accessing related third-party services that matter most to their brand and business. With the new safe, secure Credentials Hub, clients can access a variety of their extended brand services such as domain providers, email marketing services and social media accounts.

“Clients can add to or updates profiles at anytime and can even use Credentials as an easy and effective way to access their website content management systems and webmail,” Walters said.

Blue Artists is also committed to ensuring their clients don’t miss a beat when it comes to virtual assistance tasks and web support. All clients now receive one free hour of support each month with the assigned work completed within one week. Previously there had been a mandatory two-week turnaround time for free support.

“Now when a client places a VA or support ticket and elects to use their free hour, the work is done with a week standard unless otherwise noted, “ Walters said.

Virtual assistance tasks include data entry, content posting to social media accounts, scheduling and coordinating meetings, internet research, registering copyrights for published assets, performing lead generation, creating small design projects and numerous other tasks that can be accomplished by a virtual assistant. The free hour can be used for web support as well.

The final update to the client DevLab systems changes the way Bonus Credits are applied to a client’s account. All Blue Artists clients can earn $40 in Bonus Credit by referring new clients.

Under the new system, Bonus Credits are automatically applied directly to a client’s outstanding balance. If a client does not have an outstanding balance, the Bonus Credit is applied to the client’s credit line, extending it beyond the membership credit line limit. Previously, earned credit was stocked in the DevLab account until a client elected to apply it to their membership bill.

“Now client’s can extend their membership credit line without upgrading their membership, but by simply referring new clients,” Walters said.

All Blue Artists membership services are built to meet a client’s ongoing creative service needs while providing access to top-tier project and asset development.

“We want our clients to consider their membership plan as their one-stop creative oasis to help them realize their brand’s vision,” Walters said.

For more information on Blue Artists membership plans and services, visit or find them on Facebook at Blue Artists, LLC.

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