Aculon Launches AcuWet™ Line of Hydrophilic treatments for Electronics, Medical Device and Oil & Gas Industries

San Diego, CA – 18 May, 2017 – Aculon, Inc. announced the launch of its AcuWet™ line of hydrophilic treatments for environments and conditions that require lubricious or water-attracting surfaces in the electronics, medical device and oil and gas industries.

Aculon’s innovative hydrophilic coating technologies include some that form covalent bonds to create water-attracting surfaces where lubricity and water retention are necessary characteristics. In general, Aculon’s AcuWet™ hydrophilic coatings impart contact angles of less than 20 degrees as compared to untreated substrates in the 60-90 degree range.  AcuWet™ can be applied to metals, epoxies, acrylates, glass and polymers, including but not limited to polyurethane, PVC, and polycarbonates.

AcuWet™ has been used in electronics for sensors to channel sweat and in optics that require anti-fog properties such as security cameras. The visual transmittance of these particular AcuWet™ treatments is more than 99%.

In the medical device industry Aculon serves as a partner to many healthcare companies seeking to create lubricious surfaces on medical devices. Many of the innovative hydrophilic technologies are biocompatible and improve performance in a variety of medical devices such as catheters, guidewires and other tools to deliver devices into the body. Furthermore, the lubricious nature of AcuWet™ products makes it easier for physicians to move and accurately place devices within the body.

For oil and gas, AcuWet™ acts as an antifouling agent for enhanced oil recovery in down-well rock formations as well oil repellency to create an easy clean-ability for oil processing equipment including oil spill control response equipment such as booms and skimmers.

“It is interesting that for many years our customers have needed repellency technologies to modify surfaces to enhance performance. Over the last 18 months we have seen a tremendous increase in demand and interest in water attracting i.e. hydrophilic technologies,” said Edward Hughes, CEO of Aculon. “We are pleased to launch a line of hydrophilic treatments under the AcuWetTM name to meet these needs. Clearly once again surfaces matter!”

AcuWet™ is extremely easy to apply through many different methods (dip, wipe, spray), requiring little or no costly capital equipment.

More information including a video demonstrating the benefits of the AcuWet™ technology can be seen here and on Aculon’s website.

Please contact Aculon at 1-858-350 9499 or for more information.

About Aculon

Aculon, Inc. is an award winning and leading surface modification company that specializes in creating ultra-thin film treatments to modify surfaces to make them repellant or to promote adhesion. The company was founded in 2004 on technology licensed from Princeton University using self-assembled monolayers of phosphonates (SAMPs).

Since its founding Aculon has developed a broad suite of surface modification technologies including hydrophobic, superhydrophobic, oleophobic, hydrophilic, anti-fouling and adhesion promotion technologies for global electronics, oil and gas and a specialty treatment business for consumer products, automotive, optical, and industrial applications.  Aculon’s technologies can be applied via spray, wipe or dipping processes that mitigate the need for capital-intensive vacuum chamber deposition processes.

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