Veteran real estate investors share secrets to making big money in a new book Grow Rich in Real Estate

Seasoned real estate investors David & Nicole Rhodes have released an exclusive book that shares the proven secret to grow wealth in property investments in 6 simple steps.

May 18, 2017 – Making it big with real estate investments seems easier than ever now! Veteran realty investor couple David & Nicole Rhodes has recently released their new book that shares the subtle secret to grow wealth in property investments. Aptly titled Grow Rich in Real Estate: The Secret to Infinite Returns, this insightful piece reveals the proven formula to map the route to infinite returns on your property.

From the grim phase of zero rental properties to owning a whopping 50+ properties in just 4 years – David & Nicole are the live examples of making it huge in the real estate scene even with no money. They were recently invited to speak at the esteemed Dean Graziosi’s Edge event in Scottsdale AZ to 800+ people. 

The book was initially written as a bonus for the audience who could not wait to learn more about their strategies to grow wealth in real estate. It was received with immense response which further inspired the duo to launch it on Amazon for all the aspiring investors out there.

It’s presently available as an eBook and is also on David & Nicole’s website

“We are excited to launch our first book Grow Rich in Real Estate: The Secret to Infinite Returns. We aim to break the myth that you need money to go big in real estate. Take it from us who have gone from zero rental properties with no credit & no money and lots of debt, to now over 50 properties in just 4 short years. Back in 2012, we had even lost our primary home to a short sale. This book will describe how we were able to scale up our real estate investments with hard work, the right knowledge and the right strategies, despite our humble beginning. Real estate is a complex field and we know there are many aspiring investors who are having a hard time only because of some limiting beliefs and lack of knowledge on the exact strategies. We wrote the book for them so that like us they too can pave their way to wealth with real estate investments,” stated Nicole.

The book reveals the different ways to grow RICH in real estate in just 6 simple steps.

  • Purchasing the property right
  • Managing the rehab
  • Finding the right bank
  • Working with the Appraiser
  • Placing the Tenant
  • Collecting the check

Grow Rich in Real Estate: The Secret to Infinite Returns
discusses in detail how to implement all these strategies to make the most out of real estate investments. It’s the same proven strategies that the authors themselves used to grow their wealth in real estate investments with No Credit & No Money. The best part is that these strategies can be used again and again.

“The purpose is to help people change their lives through real estate the way we were able to. Grow Rich in Real Estate: The Secret to Infinite Returns is meant to give them a blueprint,” David emphasized.

To scale up your ROI in real estate just like David & Nicole, grab a copy of their book now from the official website or contact the authors below.

Media Contact
Company Name: Six Steps, LLC
Contact Person: Nicole Rhodes
Phone: 727 859-7365
Country: United States