New Book, Why I Smuggled for a Living, Now Available in Two Formats

EVERETT, WA – 18 May, 2017 – Growing up in a remote village where life to date is at a near crawl is a narrow window of opportunity many have died trying to break loose. This in and of itself made Viora aware of what she needed to do – get an education. In pursuit of knowledge, she and her siblings walked three hours and a half either way – to school and back home, for seven years, even more if you didn’t perform well on the final examination in seventh grade. You needed an above average score to proceed to secondary school.

Determined to acquire knowledge by any means dimmed necessary, Viora pushed herself beyond the norm. In doing so she developed a set of skills many children her age lacked – discipline, and acquired a spot at the top of her class. She became one of the best there was.

She exceled in every subject thus, not that she was intelligent than most others, but because she had to if she were to bring home the grades necessary to keep her going forward. Discipline allowed her to develop rare listening skills. Listening skills and her ability to follow the teacher’s instructions with intensity, propelled her in every subject.

When her father was too old to support Viora and her little brothers through school, she started smuggling for a living – to pay for school, and support her brothers who themselves were in school still. Therefore, she carried through the jungle as much weight as her body could possibly handle. On one instance Viora and her group were hijacked by armed robbers; she was given a chance to tell her story.

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