Millennial Entrepreneurs Host Free Wealth Building Summit

LOS ANGELES, CA – 19 May, 2017 – Money Talks: HOW YOUR MONEY HABITS ARE AFFECTING YOUR RELATIONSHIPS AND WHAT TO DO ABOUT IT.   Financial strategies and fun are rarely used in the same sentence but that is not the case with financial thought leaders Angela Matthews and Brielle Kotton.

The two are teaming up to host a wealth summit in beautiful Los Angeles, California to take attendees on a step-by-step journey through every conversion point in building wealth. For those who think that  money habits don’t affect  relationships and quality of life, these millennial entrepreneurs urge you to think again.

Time Magazine reports that 1 in 3 Americans have no savings and Go Banking Ratings shares that more than half of Americans will retire broke. These striking statistics serve as the driving force behind both Angela and Brielle’s commitment to creating solutions to wealth building.

“It’s so rare to find events where people can get together and have a candid conversation about wealth accumulation and have it be fun and exciting! We’re everyday people who work hard and want the best in life for our families and children. plan today we can build a better financial tomorrow, and what better way to do it with a group of mentors showing you the way?” – Angela Matthews, Investment Trainer

Angela known as “The Happy Investor” lives up to her title making financial talk enjoyable. This has drawn in more than 2,300+ students who have taken her investment tips and applied them to create a more positive outlook for  their financial futures. 

“As a millennial entrepreneur I’ve been fortunate enough to create my dream life and provide a lasting legacy for my family. I believe that once you reach the core milestones you’ve set for your life, it’s instrumental to share with others how to create their own dream lives and build a lifetime of wealth. ” -Brielle Kotton, Profitability Coach

The wealth summit is called MoneyTalks and it’s attendees include business owners, industry thought leaders, and key influencers. Taking place on May 19, 2017 at the luxurious TenTen Wilshire in the heart of the vibrant Financial District of downtown Los Angeles.

For more information contact Angela Matthews at or call 612-375-1700

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