Good Morning Justice Authors Continuing Their Pursuit Of A Better World And Fair Justice For All

Brine Rights Vol 2 – From the publishers of Stanzas and Clauses for the Causes and My Whispers of Horror comes a deeply emotionally explicit collection of poetry and short stories on various subjects of social activism and human rights.

Kitchener, ON, Canada – The various examples of racism, poverty, chauvinism, and trafficking will strike the readers of Good Morning Justice to the core while entrancing and educating them on the difficulties that people still face today.

This is the second part of the anthology series known as “Brine Rights” that will help readers engross into the gifted pieces by Debra Ayis, Carmen Chas Batlome, Gregory Broadbent, Dan Brooks, Mathieu Cailler, Paul Chapman, R.M. Cymber, Julie Demoff-Larson Elisabeth Diazon, Ray DiZazzo, Veronica Haunani Fitzhugh, Andy N, Rachna Saxena, Andrew Scott, Uma Venkatraman, Chad Wilson, and Stuart Wilson.

These exceptionally well written pieces of art will keep your interest much like they had for the previous book in this series. Here are a few thoughts from readers from the previous book:

“Rarely outside of a university textbook, can one find so much material that covers the breath of much of society’s human rights issues…”

“I think this book would make a great feature on TakePart or Change – it’s definitely eye-opening and if you’re concerned about human rights issues, you will certainly appreciate its beauty and tragedy.”

“I was surprised that I did not have to reason my way through, I had the power of the written word to force me to think beyond my one bedroom 2 dachshund apartment. Thank you for this advanced reading.”

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