Advance DataStor Delivers Digital Concierge 360

This September 11th at the CEDIA Expo, Advanced DataStor will introduce the world to Digital Concierge 360. The system delivers both linear and on-demand TV content across multiple connected device platforms, with 8 to 48 simultaneous watch and record sessions.

“This is what we go to electronics conventions for,” said Alan Shafer (President of Alliant Marketing Solutions and a long-time consumer electronics convention-goer)… “I remember being on the IBM team when we released the PC, this is that level of a WOW moment in technology.”

Digital Concierge 360 delivers seamless and visually compelling video content inside and outside traditional channels, across all available transmitting sources. “The hardware is managed by next generation software technology to insure consistent performance,” explains Harry Lipkind who is chief designer and CEO of Advanced DataStor. Having worked with the CIA and contractually with various other US Government Agencies, Harry has developed a number of unique products that have gone beyond current technology.

The Digital Concierge 360 has three basic models at release that deliver 8, 12, or 24 independent channels simultaneously, and is developing a unit that can record and service 48 or more individual screens with different programming from multiple sources at the same time.

“We are talking HD channel inputs now, and in a security system we could be monitoring and recording 48 different channels or more,” Lipkind said. “Or watching 48 different Blu-ray movies (ultra violet support in the near future) at the same time… on screens in different rooms, all sourced from one box, the Digital Concierge 360.”

Harry Lipkind continued: “Think of it this way – you want to see all the NFL games at one time on different screens for a party and simultaneously have 12 kids’ movies playing in other rooms… all from just one box. We have that now today and we are showing it at CEDIA in Denver. Come visit our booth and see it work.”  Harry went on “Digital Concierge 360 is like nothing on earth in the world of multiscreen video, and its working now at CEDIA Booth #1168.  Come see for yourself, we can talk about what else it can do!”

Alan Shafer added: “consumer electronics conventions like CEDIA and CES – the really good ones back in the 1980s and 1990s – you met the inventors and I met a lot of them back then, all the legends.” Alan continued: “Meeting Harry Lipkind – talking to him one on one just may be the experience of a lifetime. This multiscreen video management invention, Harry’s creation, is truly a revolution, total innovation at its finest.”

See the Digital Concierge 360 in actual operation live at CEDIA Booth #1168 in Denver from September 11th through the 13th. To meet Harry Lipkind and the development team one on one contact Lourie below to arrange an in person appointment.  We want to show you the world… How many can YOU watch?

For more information contact: Lourie Fisher at or phone 407-964-1092; and Thomas R. Reich at or phone 407.495.8795

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