Introducing Doodah, A Portable Entertainment Server Perfect for Kids

Long car rides have long been a dreaded point of contention when it comes to keeping children behaved. Today a media server named Doodah is here to settle the classic argument of what to watch on the car’s screen by streaming media directly to phones and tablets.

Every parent knows just how important technology has become as a parenting tool in the modern world. Today’s media and the many forms it comes in is perfect both for keeping children entertained and teaching valuable morals. Even a selection of video games and movies have a variety of educational and moral lessons to be learned built into them. As a result, modern media has become the perfect tool for dealing with the typically tricky situations that parents find themselves in. For example, keeping kids quiet in a grocery store or during long car rides is usually a difficult task, but with an educational television show, children are preoccupied. The problem comes when children begin to argue over what show to watch on the big screen. Today an extremely portable media server named Doodah is here to solve just that by allowing a variety of media forms to be broadcasted directly to smartphones and tablets.

The media server itself fits in the palm of the hand and can easily be loaded with movies, music, and other forms of entertainment. Once the media server is filled with content, the Doodah automatically broadcasts a wifi network for other devices to connect to. Upon connecting to the wifi network, these devices will be able to play the content that is stored on the Doodah media server. In turn, multiple devices can stream movies and more from the Doodah content library, ensuring that every child in the car has his or her favorite show to watch.

As an added benefit, the setup process for the Doodah is incredibly simple. Uploading content to the Doodah is as simple as plugging a USB stick into the Doodah, and everything else is automatically handled from there. What’s more is that the wifi network that the Doodah automatically creates can work on the go, regardless of cellular signal, ensuring that media streaming is virtually lossless. 

Sadly, producing a media server as simplistic, yet innovative as the Doodah is no easy task. To remedy this issue, the Doodah team has launched a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter. Through the campaign, readers can show their support by preordering the Doodah at a discount, buying merchandise, or simply making a small contribution. With this support, the Doodah team hopes to make using media as a parenting tool easier than ever.


To learn more visit the Kickstarter campaign page

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