William Houck’s Crossroads Wellness Beverage to Help Support Recovering Drug Addicts through Severe Withdrawal

May 20, 2017 – Former drug addict, William Houck, made a miraculous recovery followed by the launch of his innovative wellness beverage: Crossroads. The product was introduced to the mainstream pharmacies, local markets and communal meetups recently, it did, however, receive warm welcome from former opiate addicts for its amazing results.

The Crossroads brand, in association with Upinya Beverages™, is undergoing several development and marketing plans – Followed by which it will be made available throughout the U.S. as a go-to solution to addicts who want to recover without hitting severe withdrawal effects.

More information and Crossroads order process details available at: http://Crossroads2Freedom.com

Crossroads Beverage is a result of William’s personal struggle with opiate and medicated drugs abuse. At the time of his birth, William was a very large baby – so much so that the doctors had to surgically tear the muscles in his left bicep to assist with the birthing process. However, the incident left William and his family with repercussions of the uncalled-for medical procedure that caused pain and long term paralysis in his left arm.

As a toddler, William Houck had to consume pain killers to suppress chronic pain in his arm. It eventually turned into drug addiction, and further lead him down a dark path. Followed by 3 month incarceration at a County Jail and a few run-ins with the law, William Houck eventually decided to create a product, or a service, to help fellow drug addicts in making recovery without the risk of hitting relapse again.

The road to recovery is lined up with bumps and obstacles that are quite demanding. An addict is not only facing willpower issues, but he/she is also struggling to endure pain, withdrawal effects such as insomnia, stomach issues, anxiety and vice versa. In William’s experience, Crossroads beverage could not have come at a better time. The wellness beverage is a result of periodic analysis and various naturally occurring ingredients that reportedly help in reducing withdrawal symptoms to a bearable or minimum state.

Online customers and early opt-in users who had the distinct pleasure of trying Crossroads, reportedly appreciate the positive results. Since all the major ingredients are organic, they induce no side effects on the consumer. More so, the inclusion of passion flower has been known to help Crossroads users with sleep, stress and mental anxiety issues.

William Houck wishes to thank his family, friends and associates who lent a contributing hand into creating Crossroads Wellness Beverage. The product is expected to reach across various nationwide States, hence rendering a helping hand to those who have been struggling to get rid of drug addiction once and for all.

For more details, user testimonials and future updates, log on to official Crossroads Beverage website at http://Crossroads2Freedom.com at the earliest.

About Crossroads:

Crossroads is a wellness beverage aimed at supporting recovering drug addicts against severe or chronic withdrawal effects. The product is a combination of clinically tested naturally occurring organic ingredients that have no known side effect unlike their allopathic counterpart.

Crossroads creator, William Houck, is a former drug addict who has already made a miraculous recovery towards a healthy lifestyle with the help of this innovative drink. He hopes to help fellow community members and recovering opiate addicts into making a clean comeback without the possibility of hitting relapse phase ever again. 

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