Paintball and Laser Skirmish Complex Helps with Team Building in Local Workplaces

Victoria, AU – While everyone can agree that team building is an essential part of running a successful company, finding an activity that is both fun and engages the employees in team values can be difficult. The goal of team building should be teaching staff to work together but in a way that is enjoyable and not pandering. While some companies may have their employees do little in office activities, companies in the Victoria area are utilising the fun and demanding activities that Challenge Paintball & Laser Skirmish has to offer.

Challenge Paintball & Laser Skirmish is a company that has twenty-three years of expertise in providing people with an enjoyable time at their venues. Their two main attractions are Challenge Laser Skirmish and Challenge Paintball. Their Laser skirmish is offered at their bush fields in Skye, Cockatoo, and Wallan. They offer to run their Laser Skirmish at corporate events at a variety of locations or they can come to a location of the party’s choice. Their Challenge Paintball is on 250 acres of bush with bunkers and forts that offer great hiding places and suits the needs of any planned tactics. They provide their customers with all the protective gear they need from the latest semi-auto makers. The provided equipment and the expanse of land offer the perfect options for an activity that’s a little out there.

While it may not seem like paintballing or a laser skirmish could fix communication issues or the development of team roles in the workplace, it does offer the chance for both to happen. Effective communication must happen if the teams want to succeed in either type of game, and someone must step up to the leadership role for the team to be successful. Paintballing can also help ease some work-related tension and increase the morale of the entire staff if everyone is willing to participate.  

Those who have struggled with employees or coworkers know that they must have a cohesive, cooperative team if they want business to run smoothly. Challenge Paintball & Laser Skirmish offer a unique solution to the workplace problem by providing team building exercises that are both fun and challenges the staff.

Employers in the Victoria area interested in bringing their workplace closer together can find more information at

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