Authors in Kroger Stores Announce Best Seller List

Authors in Kroger Stores Program Announces Top 10 Best Sellers List

HOUSTON, TX – 20 May, 2017 – A program for Texas authors in Kroger stores in the greater Houston area (dist. 034) and the greater Dallas/Ft. Worth area (dist. 035) has been growing exponentially over the last 2 years. Beginning with a handful of authors some years back, the program now has 75 authors who do book signings in Kroger stores, retailing well over 100K in 2016. 

Program coordinator Deborah K. Frontiera (of Jade Business Investments, DBA Jade Enterprises) is pleased to announce the 10 best-selling authors for the first 1/3 of 2017:

1. Chad Healy (Dallas) Beyond the After and several picture books

2. Karen Wright (Houston) Love Would CryInside

3. Michael J. Tate (Dallas) Herba Hoota Hound Dog Bird

4. Deborah K. Frontiera (Houston) Living on Sisu and many other titles

5. Mary H. Wright (Houston) Stranded Stormy’sAdventure and other picture books

6. R.D. Vincent (Houston)

Donbridge Series

7. Lyn L. Gray (Dallas) The Great Hunter and other adventures of Annie the dog

8. Elizabeth Moreno (Houston) Sancho the Silly Billy Goat and My Dream of Freedom

9. Jeffery Tracy, Sr. (Houston) A Family Reunited

10. Mary Ann Perez (Houston) Running in Heels

“I knew the program was growing by leaps and bounds,” Frontiera said, “But I was surprised to find my own books in the top ten along with my fellow authors. It’s great to know that my work as coordinator has helped so many authors find a market for their books.”

She looks forward to seeing how the Top Ten list will change by the end of 2017, since more authors join the program every month and spend time talking with Kroger’s customers. She also wishes to thank the Kroger regional managers, Richard Valerio (Houston) and Brandon Pratt (Dallas) for continuing to support regional authors and literacy. 


Debbie Frontiera
Program Coordinator

Raymond V Depew
Press Manager
Jade Enterprises

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