A Soul-Stirring Performance by “Piano Princess” Shiran Wang

On 18 May 2017, the piano master Shiran Wang led Cairo Symphony Orchestra to perform Beethoven Piano Concerto Nr 4 in Salzburg (the place where the famous Salzburg Festival was held) Mozart Great Hall in Austria on invitation. She perfectly presented the classical music with exquisite playing techniques, bringing a hard-won music feast to the audience.

Before this, one of my friends in piano circle strongly recommended me to go to this concert of piano concerto held in Salzburg Mozart Great Hall on 18 May, and told me that the pianist was Shiran Wang called “Piano Princess” from China. My friend said that her performance would surprise me. As a journalist and super music lover, I searched her on the internet, got her recordings, and listened to Beethoven Piano Concerto Nr 5, Emperor. The pianist incisively and vividly expressed the magnificent style of king in this Emperor Concerto with very exquisite skills and the understanding about music beyond her age. I heard out this concerto at one stretch, and it is miraculous for me, since it has deeply touched me.

I searched her information on the internet eagerly, and got to know that she was invited to give high-standard performance with world-famous philharmonic societies in well-known music halls such as Vienna Golden Hall, Berliner Philharmonie and Carnegie Music Hall for several times. Moreover, she once cooperated with the distinguished cellist Maisky, recorded Shostakovich’s Concerto No. 1 and 2 with Shostakovich’s son, and recorded Rachmaninoff’s Piano Concerto No. 2 and 3 with Royal Philharmonic Orchestra. In addition, some famous media and musicians also speak highly of her. She is a real world first-class pianist!

On 18 May, I went to the music hall, and all seats were occupied. At the concert, the noble sound penetrating the heart and varying music flowed past every part of my body, baptizing every layer of my spirit. I did not take my eyes off her at the whole concert. She wore a noble and elegant formal dress and long hair; the lovely complexion and wonderful piano song presented an indescribable sense of tableau. I once listened to many Beethoven’s audio materials or concerts, covering symphony, piano music, and violin piece, which were jubilant, painful, confused or screaming, but I never got such a comprehensive feeling like this. Besides the brilliant technique as well as rich and mature emotions, I also felt Beethoven before my eyes.

In the music, I truly experienced the joys and sorrows of Beethoven’s life. My eyes welled up with tears, and I felt mixed emotions, as if I reached that era through time. I cannot imagine that this is no more than contents expressed by a concerto, but it seemed that I listened to all of Beethoven’s works in one breath. Such feeling touched my innermost being. Suddenly, I began to understand why all seats were occupied, and this is really an awesome experience. When the concert was over, all audiences stood up and applauded. I did not come to my sense until the music hall was filled with applause and “bravo” sounds. Watching the atmosphere at the site, I believed that their feelings were the same as mine. At that time, an idea came into my head: This pianist with both beauty and talent has already ranked among the world top pianists, and I believe she will certainly become a music superstar sparkling around the world in the near future.

The piano music and the scene at the concert still linger in my head now. I hope to see more concerts and recordings of her! I wish that this great pianist can stand on top of the world in music.

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