As a result of the present unrest in war-ravaged countries like Syria, Libya, and other countries, there are hundreds of thousands of refugees risking everything to escape death and uncertainty. With 12 million refugees displaced from Syria alone, the world is faced with the greatest humanitarian crises of our time.

Because of the sheer scale of this problem, aid organizations are already stretched to their limits. This is as a result of the focus on traditional methods by these organizations. A shift to technology is very important.

“Integration into a new country and culture is a very important issue,” says Pasha Naserabadi, CEO at 6thplaneta “The faster people can be integrated into society, the better everyone feels, so it’s important.”

Many refugees have smartphones, so sustainable technology solutions can be for helping them orient themselves in a new country. 6thPlaneta started the “Cando” app to take orders from people who are in need of your talent and also to look for a certain set of skills or the right person to do the job.

6thplaneta is a startup based in Lithuania. They understand that many refugees would like to start work as soon as possible once they arrive at a favorable destination. However, the reality is that refugees usually have a hard time finding out what they need to do to practice their craft in their host countries.

“Cando App is an extremely easy-to-use platform, it can help you in getting the best solutions to your problem with just a click of a button. Our servers are fast in providing you with deliberately accurate results and make sure to keep your private information safe. If you are a person, with a certain set of skills and you are looking for an opportunity to implement these skills practically, we will let you take orders from people who are in need of your talent.” he adds.

“Cando App” is available for the iPhone on the Appstore and for android devices on the Playstore.

About Cando

The Cando app is a mobile app and rather a platform, which is based on the idea of connecting the people who need help, and the people who need a platform to show the talent they have. This app serves as a platform for those, who do not get a chance to practically apply their skills in today’s competitive market.

To learn more about Cando and find your professional work personality today, visit: www.candoapp.net

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